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My Personal Favourites and Recommendations

Moisturiser - I use an emollient cream on a daily basis as I have sensitive skin and when I'm doing a mani' I treat my hands to some Bio Oil!

Nail files - I always use the softer emery boards as I have weak nails and generally go for Boots own brand because they are the best I've tried... They don't leave nail edges rough.

Orange Sticks - I like to use these or a damp cotton bud to push back my cuticles rather than using preparations to remove them completely, any brand will do...

Base Coat - I stick to Barry M 3 in 1 Nail Hardener, Base coat & Top coat, everything you need all in one bottle from my favourite nail polish brand.

Nail Polish - As mentioned above Barry M is my favourite brand of polish, along with Models Own, Nails Inc, Andrea Fullerton, NYC and Rimmel... I do occasionally stray (as any good shopper does) when I see a great shade or a bargain.

Nail Polish Remover - I have tried sooo many removers, Boots own brand Conditioning Nail Polish Remover is my favourite, it not only works well and is inexpensive - it smells nice!!!

Tape - This can be used for all manner of designs and is quick and easy to use. Sellotape and Masking tape work just fine and are inexpensive.

Nail Art Striper Polish/Pens - Nail art in a bottle/pen. I love these!!! Andrea Fullerton or Nubar Nail Art striper polishes are my go to's and I like Models Own for the pens.

Nail Art Dotters - These are must for any budding nail artist... A set with different sized dotters is best, I chose a set of 5 on Amazon from Cheeky. They are good quality, pretty colours and were a great price!
nail art dotters

Nail Art Brushes - Another must have! Any polish can become a striper colour and they make manicure tips and intricate patterns/designs a breeze... I also got my set of 7 brushes from Amazon.

Nail Art Stamping - I am fairly new to this technique but it really is easy and gives fantastic results!!! My stamp and scraper are Konad but the image plates I got from Cheeky, both on Amazon. I reviewed many different image plate brands such as Konad and Bundle Monster but the Cheeky ones are by far the best quality and the best price. Win Win!
cheeky nail art stamps

Acrylic Paint - For fine detailed or splatter designs Acrylic Paint is a better medium to use than polish, fairly inexpensive and easy to work with when thinned a little with water. I tend to use System 3 or Liquitex brands because that's what I've always used for painting artwork.

Nail Stickers/Foils - I'm not a huge fan of either method but foils are definitely better than the whole-nail stickers. Foils are fairly simple to use and do give a good finish, the stickers, well, suck! Bit of a faff, pretty expensive and usually look a little shabby.

Gel Nails - I am yet to try the home kits available as my nails are brittle and I've always worried how they'd cope but I am going to give one a go in the near future in the name of science... And pretty talons!

Decals/Rhinestones/etc - These you can find anywhere and really can be the cherry on top of a design! I've so far got them online, £ shops, the front of magazines and Boots/Superdrug stores. I would avoid water transfers... they always seem to pucker under the top coat!


  1. Thanks for sharing your tip. :)

  2. I'm actually starting to do acrylic at home! You should do a blog on your steps on how to do it...i only know amateurish ways, but i like hearing different ways!

    1. Acrylic as in enhancements or paint Tracey? x


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