Maybelline ColorShow: Acid Wash Swatches!

Friday 30 May 2014

I'm not sure how new these are, but I haven't seen any swatches around and I only noticed them a week or so ago... I picked them up the other day when in the vacinity of Boots lol; I needed change for the car park so breaking my £20 note with a polish purchase was a necessity right?! ;) Anyhoo, I do like a crelly and I loved these pastel tones so thought I'd give them a whirl, ColorShow never let me down...


I teamed the white/clear one with a pastel pink to complete the pastel pallete; now for close ups...


This is three coats of Lilac Rebel, a subtle and stunning soft grey/lilac, my favourite I think.

maybelline-colorshow-acid-wash-lilac-rebel-swatch-mancicure (2)



Next is three coats of Mint-Acid-ittude, a scrummy looking pastel green which reminds me of mint ice cream!

maybelline-colorshow-acid-wash-mint-acid-ittude-swatch-mancicure (2)


maybelline-colorshow-acid-wash-ripped-tide-swatch-mancicure (2)

Third up is three coats of Ripped-Tide, a gorgeous light, bright blue which conjures skies or seas...

maybelline-colorshow-acid-wash-ripped-tide-swatch-mancicure (1)



Last of all is one coat of Top Splatter, the clear topper of the bunch, over a pretty pink.

maybelline-colorshow-acid-wash-top-splatter-swatch-manicure (2)


Really happy with this spur of the moment purchase! The colors are lovely and although the formula is a little tacky in the coloured ones, they dried to a nice sheen. They would really suit just one coat over a similar base colour, or you could topcoat but I did't feel the need. Nice addition to my summer 2014 collection :)

Maybelline ColorShow - Lilac Rebel, Mint Acid-ittude, Ripped-Tide, Nebline, Top Splatter

That's all for tonight folks, I have a dedicated nail day lined up tomorrow and I am really looking forward to getting scheduling with my new blog planner come Sunday so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca xxx

TPC: Red, Green, Purple

Thursday 29 May 2014

Evening all!

I prepared this mani for last Tuesday then totally forgot to post it, by this week I had totally forgotten about it! Ooops! But better late than never, my Barry M Matte's TPC tape mani is here... The ladies at work loved this one, just goes to show that these colours are great together after all!

barry-m-summer-matte-trio-tape-nail-art (2)

I did two coats of white for a base and once dry, taped off the three sections. I used two coats of each of the colours to carefully paint in each section. Once the second coat was tacky I removed the tape. Normally I would topcoat but that would defeat the purpose of using matte paints right?!

barry-m-summer-matte-trio-tape-nail-art (1)

I love how hot the red turned out in this mani, it must be due to the fact it was over white, but it almost came out pink! A real hot flamingo pink! I also love these simple tape mani's. They held up so well for days, the only problem being I drew red lines on all paper things my nails had contact with lol!

Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener, Striping Tape, Barry M - Copa Cabana, Rhossili, Waikiki

Rebecca xxx

Personalised Blog Planner!

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Hello beauts!

Today I finally received my personalised blog planner from Personal Planner UK! I won a voucher for the planner from a fab giveaway over at Fingerfood Nails recently. I went to their website and used the simple planner design tools to put my very own planner together. I really enjoyed the process and spent a couple of hours playing with all the variations before settling on this...

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (1)

Simple, bright and does exactly what it says on the tin! Very happy with the quality of it and love the cute lil box it arrived in. Think the yellow cover goes well with the pink strap, these things can of course be totally changed up... This one runs from June this year to next but you can start one anytime!

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (2)

This is the first page in my planner - I chose my message to read this, god forbid I ever lose my blog bible, but you can choose to write anything you like should you want one!

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (5)

There a several options for the layout of the days of the week and I chose this narrow list typed deal - half lined, this works best for the sort of short notes and lists I need, also a layout you NEVER see in a standard diary! On top of that I added the lined section in the lower right box and a weekly to do list on the other side, this is for my VTCT study schedule! Perfect! The space next to this I left blank for other notes... The colour scheme etc is all customisable and there are plenty of other box options to place in the lower sections.

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (3)

In the next section I chose to have overview pages, ideal for organising my post schedule each day, leaving the diary section for posts I need to work on and mani's to do each day etc. I popped my rule in here for easy reach, I chose blue, but again you can choose other colours :)

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (4)

In the fourth section, being the big kid I am, I picked the colouring book option! I was so happy to see it was even an option I just HAD to pick it to see what you got - ten cute, fun pages is the answer lol...

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (6)

In the last section I went for squared and lined paper. Perfect for drawing up designs and keeping note of email addresses, telephone numbers etc. I also placed the plastic wallet in this last section in which I shall keep my nail design templates and various business cards.

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (7)

I am so absolutely chuffed with this planner! Thanks so much Samantha, I think it must be the best prize I have ever won because I need one so badly hahaha! I've been floundering with notebooks and diaries and outlook calendars and phone notes... I needed just one place for it all!

Here's to more organised blogging from June!

Rebecca xxx

*NEW* Barry M Summer Matte Collection

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Hello lovelies!

I'm totally out of kilter with my posting at the moment, my schedule is all messed up but I will be getting it together soon I'm sure and will have a few haphazard posts in between lol!... For right now I have the Bazza summer matte's to show you! I ordered them online on Sunday and picked up in store on Monday, perfection...


I wasn't expecting to be blown away by them, it was more that I just HAD to have them hahaha, and I'm so glad I placed that order because I LOVE them!... Well all but the green one but hey, can't have it all.

barry-m-miami-swatch-manicure (1)

This is three coats of Miami - a lovely, bright, peachy pink.

barry-m-miami-swatch-manicure (2)

Below is with topcoat.

barry-m-miami-swatch-manicure (3)


barry-m-waikiki-swatch-manicure (1)

Next is three coats of Waikiki - a zingy, lime green which is not my bag.

barry-m-waikiki-swatch-manicure (2)

Again, below is with topcoat.

barry-m-waikiki-swatch-manicure (3)


barry-m-copacabana-swatch-manicure (1)

This is three coats of the Copa Cabana - a light, solid red.

barry-m-copacabana-swatch-manicure (2)

With topcoat.

barry-m-copacabana-swatch-manicure (3)


barry-m-rhossili-swatch-manicure (1)

Next is two coats of the Rhossili - a gorgeous, bright purple.

barry-m-rhossili-swatch-manicure (2)

And of course, with topcoat.

barry-m-rhossili-swatch-manicure (3)


barry-m-malibu-swatch-manicure (1)

Two coats of Malibu - a stunning, pow blue.

barry-m-malibu-swatch-manicure (2)

With topcoat.

barry-m-malibu-swatch-manicure (3)


barry-m-cancun-swatch-manicure (1)

Last but not least is Cancun - a beautiful, peacock teal.

barry-m-cancun-swatch-manicure (2)

And the last topcoat shot.

barry-m-cancun-swatch-manicure (3)


So what do I think?! First off, love the colours and the matte texture, and wow with topcoat they were just gorgeous too! The drying time was great and so far, wear hasn't been bad either. The only slight disappointment was the streakyness of them and the fact the 'lighter' three shades required three coats to be fully opaque. Still, in the grand scheme of things, it's no biggy! Buy them lol!


Rebecca xxx

GOT Polish Challenge: Texture

Friday 16 May 2014

I didn't get this posted yesterday as whatever lil bug is haunting me returned worse than ever! Literally felt like death warmed up... I would like to be sleeping right now but in attempt to right my now messed up body clock, I'm staying awake... A lil afternoon nap is going to be a necessity though I think, I'm flagging already!

So a 5 minute texture and sparkle mani with accent bow was all I could muster...

OPI-liquid-sand-my-secret-crush-3d-bow-manicure (1)

I used two coats of the liquid sand which dries super fast and then used a dot of nail glue to fix on the accent bow.

OPI-liquid-sand-my-secret-crush-3d-bow-manicure (2)

My other half bought me this polish as a super early Christmas present last year and I still hadn't used it! Really lovely polish though, the colour and sparkle are just stunning.

OPI - My Secret Crush, 3D Nail Decorations (gift from a friend)

Rebecca xxx

*NEW* Barry M Summer Gelly Swatches

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to pick up all the summer gelly's and today I spent the day swatching them from my sick bed. It is a collection of 7 polishes, 3 bright shades and 4 natural/earthy shades... Cheered me up no end, although it took me most of the day because I felt so wiped out!


I was really impressed with the coverage and gloss, but then I'm never disappointed with Bazza products! Also managed to get them in the 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug which was a bonus!



First up is two coats of Pink Punch, a lovely hot, almost flamingo pink. So, so nice!




Next is two coats of Damson, a super stunning bright blue, love it!




This is two coats of Kiwi, a bold turquoisem not my colour of choice but nice nonetheless!




Fourth up is two coats of Elderberry, I adore this duck egg blue colour, my favourite of the bunch!




This is three coats of Olive, probably my least favourite of the shades, and I hate olives lol!




This is two coats of Almond, a simply beautiful flesh brown tone. YUM.




Last but not least, three coats of Coconut, a gorgeous earthy white. A must-have for summer!



So, that's it! The Summer Collection from Bazza. No surprise, but they're a hit with me! Loved the shades and the coverage and the gloss and drying time and everything really hahaha.

Barry M - Pink Punch, Damson, Kiwi, Elderberry, Olive, Almond, Coconut

Rebecca xxx

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