Crumpet's 33Dc: Nail Art with Favourite Brand

Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween! A day late with this one... Yesterday morning my other half returned from his business trip to China so we spent the whole day being lazy bums together! Awesome! Off work again today, so I have time to catch up on a whole heap of stuff :)

Favourite brand? Well that was easy, Barry M hands down! Great colours and finishes, good quality and totally reasonable prices... I have heaps of them, more than any other brand that's for sure! I decided to use two of my new sparkly, textured polishes from the A/W collection; that just leaves the pink flakie to try from my recent bazza purchases...


I did three thin coats of the textured polish, leaving each to dry thouroughly as I've found this polish stays squidgy in texture for quite some time and can just smudge off until fully hardened. Once the final coat had dried I used the black to stamp a pretty floral design... looks wintery. Love these sparkly, textured polishes! So, so pretty :)


Barry M - Princess, Lady, Black, MoYou London - ProCollection 14.

MissLanage x

Crumpets 33DC: South Amercian

Monday 28 October 2013

I looked up South American Art when searching for inspiration and was inundated with colourful bright patterns! So that's exactly what I went for on my nails... The Color Club Poptastic Collection was ideal for the brief! Pretty happy with the results and they really cheered me up after my irritating day... one of those days where every little annoying thing that can go wrong, does go wrong; it's as if someone out there in the universe is testing your patience for laughs! Don't you hate that?! LOL.

I did three coats of each base colour to make them really pop! I topcoated and then wore it all day at work, getting many a compliment, even though they were just plain skittle to me lol! When I got home I used a mixture of polish and acrylic paints to add the random decorations. I stuck to dots, dashes, circles and lines. Finished that off with another topcoat.

Color Club - Poptastic, Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, Twiggie, Pucci-Licious, 3 in 1, Acrylic Paints, Paintbrush.

MissLanage x

Avon - Purple Hues

Sunday 27 October 2013

I really wanted to try out a few more of the Avon polishes my mum sent me so decided to combine two of them in this purple and mauve combo; one magnetic, one purple/gold glitterbomb. Love them on their own and together like this! If you have never tried Avon polish, I would definitlely recommend you try one; I've never been disappointed with one to be honest, the formulas are top notch and so are the range of colours and finishes. Oh and the price is great! I actually won an Avon beauty comp this week with my 3D challenge mani SEE HERE, and am looking forward to receiving a hamper of true colour cosmetics :)


I did two coats of the magnetic as I did with the silver I used the other day and found the result a bit vague. So I did a third coat and then the effect became more obvious but still more subtle than the other one; worked with the subtle colour though I thought. I held the magnet over for a good 10-20 seconds. I also used three with the sparkly number because I wanted a real deep colour. Topcoated and that's that!


Avon - Lavender Lure, Starry Night, Color Club - 3 in 1.

MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: Animals

Saturday 26 October 2013

Day late I know, had a horrible headache for about 24 hours now :( I deliberated over this theme for soooo long, I had so many ideas in mind that eventually my mind was just boggled! In the end I went for something simple and wintery, a snow leopard print. I was originally going to dot colours in the centres of the spots but plumped for some flatstones in the end, I love a bit of sparkle. Unfortunately my photography skills let me down a little and certainly the first image looks a little blurry to me... I blame this god awful headache, it's making my eyes water!


First up, two coats of the white. Next I stamped on the animal print with a grey, the thumb I had to do twice and looks a lil dodge (exactly why I have migrated from Cheeky to MoYou). Topcoated that and added the flat stones while the polish was still tacky before adding a final topcoat. Easy peasy lemon squeezy :)


Models Own - Snow White, Barry M - Grey, Color Club - 3 in 1, Cheeky Plate 2 (Vibrant Collection), Holo' Flat Stones.

MissLanage x

Blogiversary Giveaway - One Week Left!

Thursday 24 October 2013

Evening lovelies... Just a quick reminder post for my Blogiversary Giveaway, there is ONE WEEK left to enter! Last week I took delivery of the FAB exclusive polishes that will soon be heading to a new home with the winner of this comp... Thanks to Charlie @ Pocket Money Polishes, I'm so pleased with how they turned out!!!

Winner will be announced and polishes revealed next Saturday 2nd November. Super excited!

Thanks to all that have entered, followed, commented and tweeted so far!

Good Luck to everyone!

MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: Abstract

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Abstract... that threw me 'cos for some reason I had animals in my head... that's Friday, doh! So I scrolled through my inspiration folder and found a random piece of South American art. Done. Bit of a sponging job which usually don't agree with me but it all went well. I smudged my middle nail right at the end, saved it but you can see it looks a lil squiffy heehee!I was fairly pleased with them until I realised they also look a lil tribal and I like each look to be different in a challenge... ah well, it's done now lol!


Started with just one coat of the white, didn't matter that it was a bit streaky. I then did a coat of the yellow. Next I sponged on the green and then pink randomly; I followed that up with sponging the yellow to brighten and tidy. Once that dried (which took a while), I drew on the black patterns, picking little parts out of the design for each nail. Finished up with topcoat.


Models Own - Snow White, Luis Lemon, Toxic Apple, Bubblegum, 3 in 1, Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen, Makeup Sponge.

And here is the piece of art, I have no idea who did it which is a shame...

MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: Chinese

Monday 21 October 2013

This theme, like the Indian one, is close to my heart because my other half is there right now on business :) he spends two months there every year! I hope to go with him in the next year or two, I've never been to the far east... I chose to go with blossom as it's a favourite of mine and because I did it roughly a year ago and thought I'd see how my skills compared... you can see that 2012 blossom mani HERE. Mt style of blogging and nails has definitely changed since then! Funnily enough I did them on the day my man jetted off to China last year LOL, some things change... some things don't!


I did two coats of the jade green then used a black striper polish to paint on the branches. Next I used a large dotting tool to add the dark pink blossom centres and a smaller one for the light pink petals around them. I decided to finish it off with a little sparkle which I think compliments it perfectly, before adding a topcoat to seal and add shine! Really pleased with this mani, got compliments at work today :)

 Models Own - Jade Stone, LA Colors - Black Striper Polish, Barry M - Shocking Pink, Strawberry Icecream, Sally Hansen - Silver Slingblade, Color Club - Topcoat, Dotting Tool.

MissLanage x

AIS Stamping Sunday: Over Holo Base

Sunday 20 October 2013

Since I've been going mad for my MoYou plates lately, and having just ordered another bunch (heehee), I thought I would get in on the Adventures in Stamping Stamping Sunday today... It's been a while since I've taken part, my Cheeky plates were just too small for my longer length nails :( but the MoYou ones are perfect! Today's theme was 'over a holo base', I chose a black because I don't usually use it and fancied a change...


I did two coats of the black holo then used a silver to stamp this swirly floral design; it looked kind of mystical which complimented the holo. I finished up with a topcoat... now I look at it, I think I should have added some black gemstones to the centres of some of the swirls. I hate when that happens! Love these Color Club holo's though!


Color Club - Beyond, Barry M - Silver Foil, Color Club - Topcoat, MoYou Pro Collection 14.

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MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: Pattern in your home...

Saturday 19 October 2013

Late post tonight! Been a busy social bee this evening and then spent some time on my nails as I wanted them to turn well; and I was really enjoying the process! I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this one, my favourite pattern in my life right now... the pattern on my VTCT Nail Tech folder :) It's cute, fun and happy! I'm totally chuffed with how they turned out, they will really cheer me up when I wake up in the morning...


I started with three coats of the pale blue and sealed with a topcoat. Once that was totally dry, about 30 mins, I used the nail art pen to draw out the rough outlines for my characters. I filled them in with acrylic paints, which I haven't used in aaaaages! Forgot just how good they are! I did a couple of coats of the paint and then used the pen to go around the outline again and add eys and mouths. I finished with some white dots in the eyes and a topcoat. Good result I think!


Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen, Blue Moon, Color Club - Topcoat, Generic Acrylic Paints, Paintbrush.

And here is a snap of the folder pattern...


MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: 3D

Wednesday 16 October 2013

I was a bit pushed for time today so went for something simple pimple. I had wanted to give this Avon magnetic polish a go since my mum sent it last week! wasn't too impressed with the Barry M one I bought and just gave up, but this has changed my mind! It's awesome! This one is particularly beautiful. My mum also got me the four magnetic wands with different patterns, I went for the diagonal stripes :)


I did one thin coat of the magnetic polish and left to dry. I then did a second, thicker coat and immediately held the magnet over the polish for around 5 seconds; the longer you leave it the more the pattern comes out and the contrast in colour pleased me... It also in itself looked 3D, which I literally added to with the star studs. I placed them just off-centre like a sort of badge lol!


Avon - Magnetic Metal, Color Club - Topcoat, Cheeky Nail Art Studs.

MissLanage x

Pocket Money Polishes: Like A Virgin

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Every time I see this polish I can't help but sing the Madonna classic in my head... I'm an 80's kid so what can I say?! This is another stunner from the awesome Pocket Money Polishes. I featured it in my recent chevron mani for the Crumpet's 33DC which you can see HERE, and decided it needed a better showing off, it's just sooo pretty! It has a clear base packed full of white holo hexes copper micro glitter and takes on a different life on different bases. You can get yours Friday!


I think it looks super pretty over this lovely Barry M pink! I did two coats of the base and then two dabbed coats of the sparkly stuff on the tips. I finished with my go-to topcoat.



 Color Club - Topcoat, Barry M - Dragon Fruit, PMP - Like A Virgin.

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MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: Flowers

Monday 14 October 2013

Oooh all this rain and the dark evenings are making me feel ever so wintery! Used to hate winter but last year and this, I'm loving it! I chose to go for a wintery look on my nails again... I see a pattern emerging here lol... I also went for a double stamp, two different floral designs, one over the other. I used two different holo polishes - pink & purple, can you tell??? Hmmmm... It's actually the first time I've stamped with these holo's and I'm super happy with how they turned out. I think it's the first time I've ever stamped two different designs on top of one another too! Madness...


 I did two coats of the grey, I luuuurrrrve grey nails in winter time! I then stamped one floral design in the purple holo and followed that up with another design in the pink. I finished up with topcoat and voila! I just wish the purple/pink contrast was a bit stronger... the purple came out quite pinky over the grey. Still pleased with the results though... pretties! :)



Don't forget to check out what the other ladies in the challenge have been up to below!

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MissLanage x

Pocket Money Polishes: November Rain

Sunday 13 October 2013

Staying with the theme of Pocket Money Polishes, today I have a real beauty from the indie brand to show you... November Rain! This polish has a clear base with densely packed green, blue and copper hexes and a dusting of copper micro glitter. Just gorgeous! Perfect for the winter months here in the UK. I was lucky enough to receive my bottle as a prize for a PMP photo competition recently, you can get your hands on your very own from 1st November :)


 There were sooo many colours I could have paired this sparkly topper with but I went for white to keep with the wintery feel. I did two coats of the white for the base and then dabbed on two coats of the PMP in a gradient sort of fashion in a nudge towards rain falling. Finished it off with my favourite Color Club Topcoat, it's perfect for sealing in art or glitter and dries quickly with a lustrous shine!



Color Club - Topcoat, Nails Inc - Mayfair, PMP - November Rain.

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MissLanage x

1st Blogiversary Giveaway!

Saturday 12 October 2013

WOW... A whole year has gone by since my wee hobbyist nail blog started and it's gone really fast! So much has changed in that time; I like to think my manicures have improved, I know my pictures are a lot better than they were (though still could be better I think) and my nail polish collection has mushroomed! LOL! I've enjoyed being a member of many nail groups online; I've taken part in competitions and won a couple, and been lucky enough to be sent some amazing UK indie polishes to swatch and review. I'm now also well on my way to becoming a fully qualified nail tech which is awesome! Who'd have thought it?!... Not me!

To celebrate and give thanks to all my supporters I am hosting my first ever solo blog giveaway!

So... what's up for grabs??? An exclusive and secret Pocket Money Polishes Duo! Exclusive because I have commissioned the pair especially for this giveaway and Secret because I love surprises, so much so that the pixies are still working on the finishing touches as we speak! All I will tell you is that there is beauty and sparkle to be had!

This giveaway is only open to UK residents due to postage restrictions (sorry rest of the world, hopefully you can get in on the Christmas giveaway) and will close on 31st October. The winner and polishes will be revealed on Saturday 2nd November!

Thanks to all who enter, Good Luck!

MissLanage x
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Crumpet's 33DC: Indian

Friday 11 October 2013

I liked this one! My other half is Indian and he is my favourite! He is still in China on business at the moment and I am missing him muchly :( We have been excitedly discussing marriage and children in recent months so my inspiration was the red and gold colours of an Indian wedding (not that we'll be having one, eloping to a beach is more our style!)...

I started with three coats of the golden goodness and then used a bright red to stamp on the intricate floral pattern. I didn't finish with a topcoat because I love the slight textured finish of the Hed Kandi polish. Really pleased with how this turned out and I fall in love with my MoYou plates each and every time I use them - outstanding quality!


Avon - Red Bombshell, Models Own - Bora Bora, MoYou Pro Collection 14.

...And for a lil sneaky peek into my world, I finish up with a picture of me and my boy, my endless inspiration and supporter of my nail addiction! Love him!

Lane's Lacquers is one year old tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled for details of my first ever solo blog giveaway by way of celebration and thanks!
MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: Chevrons (feat PMP Like A Virgin)

Wednesday 9 October 2013

So, the second manicure of the night (though painted yesterday), chevrons! Could I stamp the blinking things straight?!... No is the short answer! LOL. I'm blaming my pounding headache, temperature and swollen glands ;) still pleased with the result though! I wanted to feature a new addition to my PMP collection so left the chevrons to just two nails!

I started by painting the alternating white and gold bases, two coats of each. I then topped the gold nails with two coats of the Pocket Money Polishes glittery goodness! Stuffed full of white holo hexes and gold micro glitter, it's a beaut and is available now as an October release single. I won mine in a recent photo comp run by PMP. I then stamped on the chevrons with the same gold on the white. Simple but very nice me thinks... just wish I coulda got the darned things on perfectly straight!



Models Own - Snow White, Nails Inc - Lanesborough Place, PMP - Like A Virgin, Cheeky Jumbo Happy Plate.

MissLanage x

Crumpet's 33DC: Artwork feat' oldest untried

Sorry folks, it's another late and double post thang this week... Had physio on my dodgy shoulder on Monday and picked up a bug from work, there's so much going around, so been feeling pretty rubbish! Some nail art has lifted my spirits though...

So my oldest untried... I have around 20 of them hahahahaha! But I think the few left untried from my Avon collection are the oldest; out of those I chose this pale blue sparkly number because it felt wintery. Just love the shimmer in this polish, so dainty! The silver roses continued the wintery theme! I did three coats of the base colour and then simply stamped on the roses. The ease and great results of stamping never cease to please me lol!



Trying out this larger size of picture for the mani's tonight... what are your thoughts??? Bigger the better???

Avon - Honeydew Dazzle, Barry M - Silver Foil Effect, MoYou London Pro Collection 10.

MissLanage x

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