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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Ooooh Monday was a good day for me :) not only did I take part in the piCture pOlish Blogfest, I also received nail mail!! I finally got my Cheeky Happy Plate which I ordered back in June, I had forgotten all about it so it was a nice surprise! I also received some polishes from a lovely lady who was selling on the UK Only Polish & Beauty Swaps page on Facebook; man I LOVE that page for snagging hard to finds' and bargains!!!

One of those polishes was the focus of today's mani; it's from Fantasy Makers (a US brand) and is called Once Upon A Time. I bought it as much for the bottle as I did the polish lol! how cool is that?? Quirky bottles is my new tangent from indies hahaha, pure polish addict! The polish itself is a charcoal jelly base, filled with large and small red hexes and glitters. It took three coats to become sheer as seen here. I do like it, it's rather vampy and sexy but it's quite different to my usual look! It did have a rather lacklustre finish so I applied a topcoat and then decided to pop on a few studs to the index and ring fingers to shex it up some more hahaha! The other half was a fan, he loves red nails.


Fantasy Makers - Once Upon A Time, Barry M - 3 in 1, Cheeky Nail Art Studs.

MissLanage x

piCture pOlish Blogfest: VOTES NOW OPEN!

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Just a quick note to let you guys know that the Picture Polish Blogfest voting period has now opened and there are polishes up for grabs for people who vote! I was lucky enough to be invited to take part, but now I need you lovely people to like my picture via the link below to be in with a chance of winning! Every little helps and I appreciate every single one I receive :)

Good Luck to all taking part!

MissLanage x

Swatched: Bourjois Laser Toppers!

Oooh some new pretties for you to ogle today... I spotted these in Boots yesterday when I was perusing every nail polish stand in the place (standard drugstore procedure) lol! I had been hoping to treat myself to some OPI liquid sands in TK Maxx but as they were all out of stock, I nabbed these whilst they were 3 for 2; all three at £5.99 each would have been a little steep.

So I paired them up with some Barry M gellies and all mani's consisted of two coats of the gelly and then two coats of the laser toppers which are basically clear, strand glitter topcoats. The Sun Scales is made up of gold and what I would call rose strands, the Aqua Violet contains dark pink and lilac strands and the Blue Neon has blue and lilac. All very pretty and easy to apply, I loved the wide, flat brushes; they were a little stinky though! No need for a topcoat, these dried very smooth and had a nice sheen over the gelly polish.


Barry M - Prickly Pear, Bourjois - Laser Topper Sun Scales.


Barry M - Dragon Fruit, Bourjois - Laser Topper Aqua Purple.


Barry M - Blueberry, Bourjois - Laser Topper Blue Neon.

MissLanage x

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013!!!

Monday 29 July 2013

Celebrating the Year of the Blogger!

Today I bring you the MOST exciting post I've EVER done!
I applied, along with a host of other bloggers, to take part in this years piCture pOlish Blog Fest... and my application was accepted!!! OMG!!! Little.Old.Me! 

Anyone taking part has had to keep this quiet for over a month! It was sooo hard! I love a good goss and I lurrve these polishes!!

So, the theme this year is Celebrating The Blogger! This purely and simply means celebrating what us bloggers do; we create fun and innovative manicures that others can copy and/or draw inspiration from. Our brief was to create a mani using the three piCture pOlishes sent to us and to provide a tutorial for the finished product. Outside of this we could use black/white polish and decorations/stamping/tape as long as the overall look showcased the three piCture pOlishes...
There will be three winners who get to do a collaboration shade with the aussie brand!!!

This was a big deal for me; not only because I was chosen and consider myself a small fish in a mega pond, but because I have NEVER done a tutorial of any kind really. These were also my first piCture pOlishes!!! 
 So this is my contribution - a taped, ombre, diamante manicure! Three of my favourite things, and pink, purple and blue are my fave nail polish colours!!


 And this is my tutorial... A simple picture grid, it's the kind I most like to look at and find simplest to follow.


 For any of you that like more detail I used two coats of the white and allowed that to dry for a good 45 minutes. I then taped off my starburst-like sections using a random nail art tape. Next I painted my ombre directly on to the sponge and dabbed on the nails; I did this three times for each nail to build up the colour. Before the final layer had dried, I carefully removed the tape. I then cleaned up around the cuticles, added one top coat and placed the diamantes at the starting point of the starbursts.
piCture pOlish - Tiffany, Antique, Watermelon, Models Own - Snow White, Sally Hansen - Nail Shine Miracle Topcoat, BYS Diamantes, Striping Tape, Makeup Sponge.

I hope you like the results of my efforts! I spent many an hour mulling over designs and fretting about my finished creation. I hope I manage to compare in some small way to some of the amazing bloggers who will no doubt be taking part!

Check out the latest via piCture pOlishes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest and vote for your favourites! 

Here you can check out the piCture pOlish store and find shipping, network and everyday deals info!

MissLanage x

MSMD Monday: Glittery Blooms!

Monday 22 July 2013

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday today! Finally I've got around to taking part in this weekly challenge again, it's one of my favourites :) I've had what I wanted to do in mind for ages, it was one particular nail from a mani I saw on Instagram by @nailsbylins (picture below).

So I started with two coats of the pearlescent off-white and then used a large dotter to add a bright pink centre point to each nail. Next up were the dashes of the blooms; first in grey and then over again in black using a small striper brush. I worked out from the centre point in a fan typed fashion to achieve this, it looks more complicated than it is believe me lol! Finally I used a glitter topcoat to add a bit of dainty sparkle and some shine. I absolutely love this mani and forgot just how much I enjoy painting designs freehand, will be doing much more of this kind of mani again! What d'ya think lovelies??


Nails Inc - Mayfair, Phoenix Place, Barry M - Grey, Black, Sally Hansen - Silver Slingblade, Large Cheeky Dotting Tool, Double Ended Avon Nail Tool.

Here is the original design that inspired me!

MissLanage x

Pocket Money Polishes: Wishing On A Star!

Sunday 21 July 2013

Sunday is here again! Had a lovely weekend, felt like a holiday! Hope you guys had a good one too... shame it's back to reality tomorrow huh?! Ah well... more money for more polish heehee :)

Today it's a bit of an exclusive! Wishing On A Star from Pocket Money Polishes does not yet have an official release date, but is scheduled for mid-August so keep your eyes peeled ;) This one is not part of a collection, more a stand alone polish and I loved it, it's a little like My Girl but with lilac hexes instead of grey and the addition of cute white stars. So sweet! I used two coats of this beauty over two coats of another pink gelly and then finished with little, silver star studs from one of my Cheeky wheels. Simple, cute and girly.

Hope you have enjoyed this round of PMP's! Regular posts will be forthcoming from now on, will be setting time aside in my routine!!


Barry M - Dragon Fruit, PMP - Wishing On A Star, Cheeky Nail Art Studs.

MissLanage x

Pocket Money Polishes: Blame It On The Boogie!

Saturday 20 July 2013

Hello lovelies, hope you are enjoying the weekend wherever you are! Beautiful weather here again today, so I will be heading to my in-laws house for a BBQ and a splash in the pool! Lush!

In the meantime I have a second Glitter Baby from Pocket Money Polishes to show you :) Presenting... Blame It On The Boogie! It's a gorgeous mix of pinks and blues that really caught my eye, pink and blue is a fave colour combo of mine; in fact it's the two colours I used in my nail room at home! This one is again available August 1st, so not long to wait! There were so many colours this would have looked good over but I decided on the deep pink of Barry M Grapefruit; I think it's the only Gelly in my collection I was yet to try! I did two coats of the grapefruit and then three coats of the 'Boogie on all but the ring finger, on which I drew a gemstone using the Barry M black nail art pen. Loved this simple design and the hot colours, perfect for today! Slowly getting back in my nail art groove! Stay tuned for more...


PMP - Blame It On The Boogie, Barry M - Grapefruit, Clear 3 in 1, Black Nail Art Pen.

MissLanage x

Pocket Money Polishes: It's A Kinda Magic!

Oh my gosh! Apologies for my absence but along with work etc, it's been a little difficult to sit indoors and paint nails in 30 degree weather!! The UK is having a proper summer at last :)

Today I bring you a new polish from Pocket Money Polishes, It's A Kinda Magic! Get on over to the store August 1st to grab yourself a bottle! Loved this on first sight, it's a glorious combination of blues, purple and greens, so summery and shimmery... I would just like to note that being indies, of course these polishes are hand made but they are also 3 free!... When I think of magic... and summer, I think of rabbits in hats :) So along with a lush lilac, I paired this PMP with a cute, white bunny! I did two coats of the gelly, then 3 coats of the It's A Kinda Magic; on the ring finger I instead painted my lil carrot cruncher. Used a paint brush for the white and then a dotter for the pink of the nose and inner ears and the black/white of the eyes. Not perfect but I was pretty pleased nonetheless.


Barry M - Prickly Pear, Black, Strawberry Icecream, Boots Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener, PMP - It's A Kinda Magic.

More to come over the course of the weekend!

MissLanage x

Barry M: Glitter Gradient

Thursday 11 July 2013

Firstly, apologies for the whole week that has passed since my last post! Between nice weather, being under the weather and having a hectic time at work; I just haven't had the time... much to my dismay! Hoping to get a session in over the weekend so I can get some posts scheduled for the week! Jeez!

Secondly, a quick mani for you :) just a simple glitter gradient... My nails have had it rough of late so I trimmed them down and gave them a treatment; they've also benefited from the few days break! I've been eager to try my recent Barry M Gelly purchase, a lovely nude shade which I think looks great on shorter nails! I also bought a bottle of the Diamond Glitter in the same lil spree so decided to pair them up. I did just one coat of the nude and then two coats of the glitter over three quarters of the nail, dragging the second coat down to the tips very gently (with an almost dry brush at that point). Done! More exciting designs to come over the weekend, I'm itching to get at my table and do some more challenging mani's!


Barry M - Lychee, Diamond Glitter.

MissLanage x

EXCLUSIVE! Pocket Money Polishes: I Want Candy!

Thursday 4 July 2013

Oooooh!!! I received such an exciting nail mail yesterday!!! My new glitter baby from Charlie over at Pocket Money Polishes, her sister named it I Want Candy which I think is perfect!... When I first saw it, for some reason I thought 'Roller Disco'.... Haven't been to one in years hahaha! It will be released on the 8th July so make sure you check out her store! It's a glorious mix of different shaped and sized hexes in blue, yellow, red, green and pinks and I fell in love with it instantly; and when I saw it in my hand it looked even better :) I have done two mani's here to showcase it's beauty, so here we go...

First up, two coats of the new beauty over two coats of the Models Own Ice Neon Collection! Summery!!! I'm so lucky to have my mitts on this already heehee :)


Models Own - Pink Punch, Toxic Apple, Luis Lemon, Pukka Purple, Bubblegum, PMPolishes - I Want Candy.

Second in line was a monochrome look with two coats again, over two coats of the black and white. Ideal for a summers evening! I just love this polish, it looks good over everything!!... And just look at that shine :)


Boots Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener, Avon - Licorice, PMP - I Want Candy.

MissLanage x

Glitter And Studs Combo!

Tuesday 2 July 2013

I have been sooo mega busy at work, stressful! Made sure to post tonight in case I just don't get time tomorrow because I'm putting in some extra time... Was nice to zone out for an hour and play with my pretties lol! I had no idea what I fancied tonight, I just stared at my polish until something jumped out; my recent Nails Inc Lucky Dip polishes caught my beady eyes. I loved Sloane Gardens first time round so paired it this time with Maida Vale which I was yet to try but looked amazeballs! I wasn't disappointed when I painted it on my nails either :) I did three coats of each polish on alternating nails to get them fully opaque and then I felt it was screaming out for studs!! I added a clear coat over the deep blue glitter and then placed the studs into it whilst wet. LOVE! The Maida Vale is a beaut', I think I will have to do a stamped mani with it soon! Not bad for a random thrown together job even if I do say so myself lol...


 Nails Inc - Sloane Gardens, Maida Vale, Color Club - 3 in 1, Cheeky Nails Art Studs.

MissLanage x

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