40 Great Nail Art Ideas: 3 Shades of Purple

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Hellooooooooooooo there!

I have been gone soooooo long! Again I've been busy with Lane's Loves and also been down with the flu for the last week which is totally sucky but gave me time to catch up on some journalling. I was determined not to miss out on a prompt so better late than never I bring you three shades of purple with dotting tools being my additional theme...


This was so super simple thanks to leaving all this lovely negative space which y'all know I'm a nega fan of. I used three purple Barry M polishes being Orchid, Lap of Honour and Sparkling Amethyst and three different sized dotting tools to create this pretty random pattern and finished with Sally Hansen topcoat.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-three-purple-dotticure-nails (2)

I adore how this mani looks and how quick it was to do because I can't tell you how long my list of jobs is for my new little business. I still have so many things to make and my ideas just continue to overflow lol!!!

40-great-nail-art-ideas-three-purple-dotticure-nails (3)

Well I'm off to get myself the umpteenth Lemsip of the day before a little more planning, I'll be back here towards the end of the week with the next mani in this challenge...

Have a good one loves!

Rebecca x

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  1. Those look great! Perfect for your prompt. I have those same dotting tools :)


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