Models Own: Ice Neon & Nail Beads

Thursday 18 April 2013

Today I had to crack open the neons!!! I loved the etched feel to the bottles and didn't realise until this point of unwrapping, that the polishes are matt too :) I wouldn't say they are the same sort of matt effect you would get from say my Rimmel Matt Top Coat - that is a real satin finish, these give more of a dull sheen. Of course, once you add topcoat they have a normal shine finish. I went for the pink and it took just one coat over one coat of the white. I think doing two normal thin coats would do just fine after using this one though and they all seem to have a nice thick, even formula. Whilst the polish was still wet I cracked open the pink beads and sprinkled away, patting down with the tip of my finger. I was really quite pleased with the result but boy do I need to give myself thorough mani ASAP, hangnails all over the shop and my cuticles made clean up a lil messy grrrr! Tomorrow!


For this look I used:
  • Models Own - Snow White
  • Models Own - Bubblegum
  • Models Own - Pink Fizz


MissLanage x

Models Own: New Hed Kandi's

Wednesday 17 April 2013

After all my new purchases, it was difficult to choose what to play with first lol!... And those aren't my only recent buys either :) I decided on a mix up of the two new Hed Kandi polishes; first up was Bora Bora, two coats... I really loved this, it has a lustre to it, almost like a sparkly gold leaf... Next was just one coat of Sunset Chillout, I didn't expect to like this one as much as I did (not sure why), but the mix of the large blue, and small gold and pink hexes with silver strands won me over! It dried super smooth too which is always a worry with glitter polishes; no top coat required here!! Quick and simples... another post up tomorrow!


For this look I used:
  • Models Own - Bora Bora
  • Models Own - Sunset Chillout

MissLanage x

Models Own: Bottleshop Trip

Sunday 14 April 2013

My better half wanted to pop over to Westfield to grab some bits for a trip to China... Perfect! All I had on my mind was getting my butt first to the Models Own Bottleshop for a few nail goodies and then to Crepe Affaire for an "I'll have what she's having" (sweet crepe with strawberries, whipped cream and belgian chocolate sauce) YUM! My favourite! Both were successfully completed in that order - good day! My few nail goodies turned into almost £60 worth... oops! My mans jaw dropped lol, but he chipped in bless his good soul :)

So here are a few pics of the bottleshop...




And my haul...



I treated myself to the ENTIRE new ice neon collection with topcoat and then picked up the two new Hed Kandi polishes - Bora Bora and Sunset Chillout... Then I was advised by the lovely sales lady that I needed a white to go under my neons to really make them pop - needed one anyhow... so then may as well pick three more to get a box for £20 right? lol! So I grabbed my two faves Northern & Southern Lights as mine are running low and a lovely black sparkly I spotted called Mixed Up... I then got what I really went there for (lol) the new neon nail beads! I have a few types already but none as bright as these... they look good enough to eat! Exclusively at the Bottle Shop until next week! Next was Superdrug; on the end is a lovely smelling handcream I spotted at the till and three of the Barry M Nail Art Pens - 3 for 2 so who could say no?! Ok that's it... I got clothes too... but hey this is a nail blog! Soon Folks!

MissLanage x

Color Club - Halo Hues!

Sunday 7 April 2013

I'm easing myself back into my nail blogging saddle gently lol... with some swatches! I was going to do my haul post first but after receiving these babies in the post I had to try them ASAP! I was soooo disappointed a few weeks back when I ordered three China Glaze Hologlams to find they weren't holo at all really :( I had to find my holo fix, it was the only major hole in my polish collection! So I turned to Color Club after seeing gorg' pictures all over the net... This time I was not disappointed! Beautiful holo polishes in the bottle and stunning on the nail, especially in bright sunlight, which unfortunately I was a little short of for my pictures here in the UK today! The formula was fantastic and the following pictures are with just ONE coat!! So... here they are...


Miss Bliss


Over The Moon


Eternal Beauty




I got these lovelies from Color Club UK (rwbeauty) at a great £6.59 each plus standard delivery... AT LAST! A decent UK supplier for Color Club polish! These arrived very quickly, were well wrapped in bubble wrap, secured with a cute color club sticker and then were inside a fetching pink plastic packing envelope! I ordered Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon  (pink/purple/blue in place of the failed china glaze colours)... I received Beyond (black) in place of Miss Bliss (pink)... I emailed them to thank them for my order and to let them know I had an incorrect polish; I received a quick response and was told the polish I ordered would sent to me and that I could keep the incorrect one for my trouble! Yay! :) I really like it too...! I'm now tempted to buy the last two even though green and orange are my least favourite colours, they are just so lovely I must have them all hahaha! I also need the Starry Temptress Collection in my life!

MissLanage x

Long Time No See!

Monday 1 April 2013

Hello lovelies! It's been so long! I've had a mad busy couple of weeks; starting the new job, getting my new little car, my birthday and then easter! I thought with the long weekend I'd feel rested and have got plenty of me time for my nails and other me time stuff... but no, I've been really busy and feel more exhausted than I did 4 days ago :( but I have had some good times :) I've returned to my blog to find 101 followers now with me! Thanks to each and every one of you it means a lot! I will be posting my March nail haul today and hope to get a nail post in ASAP too, the time off has given me time to accumilate a nice little collection of nail ideas on the to do list... I think the flip flop challenge has well and truly flopped lol! Hope you've all had a...


MissLanage x

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