Goodbye 2014!

Wednesday 31 December 2014

Well, it's the end of another year folks!
I can't say I'll be sad to see the back of 2014, it's been a bit of a bitch in all honesty... It was the toughest year ever for my health and my stress levels have hit all time highs! My nail tech studies and the blog have really suffered but I've hung on in there because Lane's Lacquers is my passion. Thanks to all of you that have hung in there with me too! Here's a quick look at some of my favourite mani's from the last twelve months...


Along with these pretties, 2014 has had other highlights - babies being born, making the best of friends, family coming together and learning a lot about myself! I also bit the bullet and finally quit my full-time office work this month; it doesn't make me happy anymore, in fact it does the very opposite and I figured if I want things to change, I had better start doing things differently! My health seems to be on the up and my focus is finally on my passion...

So listen up 2015, I'm coming for you and you're gonna be good!

Happy New Year everyone!

Rebecca x

Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Crinkly Tape & Glitter Topper

Monday 15 December 2014

These two prompts were a match made in heaven and I knew what I wanted to do with them... This mani is a sort of recreation of one I did back in January 2013 which you can see HERE. Boy my pictures have come a long way since then!!


This started with two coats of Maybelline Coloshow Black to the Basics, a super smooth vinyl finish polish. I then used zig-zag vinyls from She Sells Sea Shells, two on each nail and then painted two coats of Models Own Southern Lights. I removed the vinlyls while the polish was still tacky and cleaned up!

52wpnmc-crinkly-tape-glitter-topper-vinyl-nail-art (2)

I'm really liking this vinyl polish, I'm glad I bought the pink and blue too now - I will have to get them out for something soon... Meanwhile, I'm loving this mani, it kinda reminds me of static on TV!

Rebecca x

Day Fifteen Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Slumber Party

Back in action!
So behind door fifteen was a stunning grey holo loose glitter called 'slumber party', me being a grey-phile, I couldn't be happier lol! I decided to team it with... More grey of course!


This is my first post using my new Samsung Galaxy S5, loving it so far! Think there is a definite improvement in the quality of my snaps, especially with sparklies like this!


I used two coats of Barry M Grey, topcoated and then whilst wet sprinkled on the glitter towards the free edge with a dry brush. I pressed in gently and then once dry, brushed off the excess.

ciate-slumber-arty-grey-glitter-gradient-nail-art (2)

Rebecca x

Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Catch Up

Hi loves,
I was ever so poorly sick over the weekend so wasn't well enough to paint my nails... Booo! Feeling a bit better today so though I'd quickly share the polishes from days 12, 13 & 14 before I share today's advent manicure and Pick N Mix Challenge mani...


Top to bottom, 12th to 14th: Let It Snow a silver holo loose glitter, Silhouette a red/plum shimmer and Unrestricted Glam a flat black. Nice little selection, Silhouette is particularly lovely! I saw a few people were a little unhappy about the amount of loose glitters, I'm not! Perfect for all sorts of nail art; with regular polish and with the gels and acrylic in my nail tech kit... I'll have a post on that subject for you very soon!

Rebecca x

Day Ten Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Mineral Clarity

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Ooooh, there's another beauty hiding behind door ten my lovelies! Mineral Clarity is a deep blue textured polish, much akin to an OPI liquid sand, with a silvery shimmer/sprakle to it. It's just gorgeous in my opinion! It looks wintery and frosty and would make a great base for a galaxy mani, but for today I went for something more on the winter's night theme with some cute lil xmas lights...


I love the message inside today, "Have big dreams, you will grow into them"... I'm sure trying!


I used two thin coats of Mineral Clarity and then stamped on the lights pattern with Barry M Matte White and MoYou London Festive 03. I added the yellow glow to the lights with a small nail art brush and a mix of Barry M Matte White and Yellow.

ciate-mineral-clarity-xmas-lights-festive-nail-art (2)

This Ciate advent is soooo much fun!

Rebecca x

Day Nine Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Prima Ballerina

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Ooooh my gosh loves, today I have metamorphosised into a prima ballerina!! I am sooooo in love with this pink holo loose glitter, it's like soul food and I want to bathe in it lol! Rather than the usual simple glitter gradient, I decided I would throw some tape into the mix as well for a change... I so enjoyed sprinkling this pretty goodness everywhere...


The message today reads "Life does not have to perfect to be beautiful"... Well of course! Anyone on the right planet knows that the beauty in life is found within those imperfections, you can't make a rainbow without a little rain right?!... I fear there are many aliens amongst us though hahaha!


First of all, three coats of Barry M Blue Moon for a base. Then I placed three pieces of striping tape on each nail and pressed down firmly. Topcoated with Color Club and then as quick as possible, sprinkled on the super sparkly stuff patting into place where necessary. I waited a couple of minutes for it to 'set' and then brushed of the excess glitter and removed the tape... et voila!

ciate-prima-ballerina-glitter-gradient-tape-nail-art (2)

I flirted with the idea of popping another topcoat over the whole thing, it would have looked beaut! But I really couldn't sacrifice a topcoat to do it because you just know, however much you float that topcoat on, some sparkly little buggers will manage to cling on to that brush!

Rebecca x

Day Eight Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Big Yellow Taxi

Monday 8 December 2014

Door number eight, my lucky number, and Big Yellow Taxi was perfect to brighten up a dreary Monday morning! Love this particular shade of yellow... The name made me think of New York of course and when I think of Christmas time in New York, I think of candy canes! I don't know why, probably some weird movie association or something?! Haha...


I love the wording behind the door today "Why fit in when you were born to stand out"... Too true! Never forget it ladies!


I used two coats of Big Yellow Taxi, coverage was really good. I then stamped on the candy canes using Avon Real Red and MoYou London Festive 03 and finished with topcoat.

ciate-big-yellow-taxi-candy-cane-xmas-nail-art (2)

I am so enjoying this Ciate Mini Mani journey! I'm definitely becoming a fan of their polish and glitters I know that much!

Rebecca x

Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Chevrons & Red/Gold

Hi sweeties!
Two posts for you tonight and first up is this Pick N Mix manicure, gold chevrons on a bit of red sparkle. I pulled out the Nails Inc polishes for this mini masterpiece and the result was super festive... I don't even need any help with feeling the Christmas buzz this evening, I've been busy wrapping gifts and I'm definitely getting a little excited about the big day!


This was a simple tape jobby starting with a coat of red creme polish for a base. I then coated again with two lots of red glitter and left to dry thoroughly. Next I used striping tape to section off the chevrons and painted those in gold, removing the tape while the polish was still wet. Topcoated and it's done!

52wpnmc-nails-inc-red-glitter-gold-chevron-nail-art (2)

Does this mani remind anyone else of Wonder Woman?? Or is it just me?? LOL! Either way I think it's pretty striking and I like it.

Nails Inc: Rosary Gardens, Trafalgar Square, Lanesborough Place, Color Club: Topcoat, Striping Tape

Rebecca x

Day Seven Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Velvet Tuxedo

Sunday 7 December 2014

I can't believe we're a week into adevnt already! Today's polish is 'velvet tuxedo' which is a lovely black/grey shimmer creme with a sparce scatter holo to it. It's actually quite lovely and perfect for the party season! I decided to go with the party theme and match it up with the name, so after an age on the to-do list, I bring you tuxedo nails...


Another meaningful message lays behind this door too, "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today"... Easier said than done but I think I will keep it as one of my mantras for new year!


This started with two coats of Barry M Matte White for the base followed by two coats of Velvet Tuxedo hand painted to leave the white chevron shape. I then used a dotting tool to add the buttons and to add the centre of the bow ties in rBarry M Blood Orange. Finished off the bow ties with a small brush and topcoated.

ciate-velvet-tuxedo-red-bow-tie-nail-art (2)

See you tomorrow for the next advent installment and a Pick N Mix Challenge manicure!

Rebecca x

Sunday Swatch: Barry M Christmas Editions

I picked up these festive Bazza's a few weeks ago, two in Boots and two in Superdrug, and I thought it was about time to get them on my nails! I decided to pair them up and popped them over another Barry M - Berry Cosmo, which reminds me of mulled wine.




On the index and middle finger is Starlight and on the ring and pinky is Moonlight. Just one coat of each over the gorgeous Berry Cosmo.

barry-m-starlight-moonlight-berry-cosmo-swatch-nails (2)

I'm holding these the wrong way round lol... Starlight is packed with gold and silver holo stars and hexes and Moonlight has silver holo stars, hexes, glitters and red funky pieces.



Next up is Christmas Tree on the index and middle fingers and Jingle Bells on the ring and Pinky. Two coats of each over the Berry Cosmo as they were a little sparcer.

barry-m-christmas-tree-jingle-bells-berry-cosmo-swatch-nails (2)

 Christmas Tree is a mix of silver holo stars and hexes, green glitters and those funky red shapes. Jingle bells is gold holo stars and hexes, gold glitters and yep, those red shapes yet again!

Rebecca x

Day Six Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Runway Ribbon

Saturday 6 December 2014

Oooh I lurrrve what was behind today's door!!! Runway Ribbon is a stunning loose red holo glitter and it got me feeling super, super festive... Soooo, I got my tree, wreath and lights out and thought I'd reflect such activities on my nails... And I'm really pleased with how this mani turned out!


The message behind today's door is one we should all remember a little more often reading "Beauty should begin in the heart and soul, otherwise cosmetics are useless...


I used two coats of Barielle Lindsey's Dancin' for the red base. I topcoated and tapped on the glitter only over the tips using a dry brush whilst still wet. This created a gradient look without even trying! For the accent nail I used two coats of Barry M Matte White then dotted on Bazza Spring Green, Arabian & Forest in a triangle shape. I topcoated and placed the gold star stud at the top of my dotticure tree.

ciate-runway-ribbon-glitter-gradient-christmas-tree-nail-art (2)

It's Christmaaaaaaaaaas!

Rebecca x

Day Five Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Sloaney, Sweetie

A pretty, sparkly topper was hiding behind day five of my manor. This is a clear base filled with what I would describe as yellow, red and white gold coloured bar glitters. I'm not usually a fan of this kind of glitter really, but the colours and the small sized pieces mean it's actually very delicate and girly.


The message on the back of the door today says "I don't like plain nails, I get sad"... I surely do, nothing worse than the whole week of plain nails back when I was in hospital, my body ached for my polish collection lol!

ciate-mini-mani-manor-sloaney-sweetie-white-glitter-nails (1)

I painted two coats of Barry M Matte White and then one coat of Sloaney, Sweetie. That's it!

ciate-mini-mani-manor-sloaney-sweetie-white-glitter-nails (2)

Back later with today's surprise!

Rebecca x

Day Four Ciate Mini Manor: Members Only

Hi loves!
Got a bit of catching up to do on the blog today beacuse I've been in such a funk this past week! My mood and my health are on the floor at the moment... I've been unwell for months and I've still got to make it to mid January before finally seeing some consultants?! Arghhhh!... Enough of my moaning lol, let's check out what was behind door four...


...'Members Only' is a pretty peachy, sheer polish with a golden shimmer. The quote inside reads "Nails are the period at the end of a sentence. They complete the look"... How true!

ciate-mini-mani-manor-sloaney-sweetie-white-glitter-nails (1)

I used two coats of Members Only, then used Barry M Gold Foil Effect polish to paint the tips and finished with a final coat of the Ciate pretty.

ciate-mini-mani-manor-sloaney-sweetie-white-glitter-nails (2)

This mani looked so sophisticated and delicate to my naked eye... When I checked out how they looked in the pictures, I couldn't help but think they looked a little like badly nicotine stained nails LOL!

Rebecca x

Day Three Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Girl With A Pearl

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Late one tonight loves! Been a heavy day, but at least my morning was brightened upon opening my advent calendar and finding pearls... Pretty, pretty pearls in a pretty little bottle!


The little quote on the door seemed pretty poignant for me today too... I've come to realise that I am my own harshest critic (as most of us are); I am sometimes too quick to identify my weaknesses and too embarrassed to own my strengths... I need to stop being afraid to sparkle that wee bit brighter!!


The how-to for this is simply two coats of Avon Real Red, stamped in white with a lace pattern from the MoYou London Bridal 03 plate and finished up with a thick topcoat into which I placed my Ciate pearls in fairly random 'suitable' spots.

ciate-girl-with-a-pearl-red-lace-pearl-nail-art (2)

See you again tomorrow!

Rebecca x

Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Camo & Dark Green

This week's themes go hand in hand, like much of them, which is handy! I had wanted to do this look by hand but was a bit pushed for time so went for a stamped version instead. It was my first attempt of using two colours in the one stamp for some time, and it took a while to pick up again...


I started with two coats of a khaki colour for the base of this look. I then used a darker brown and a very dark green together on the stamping plate to create the camo look. I used two coats of the dark green for the accent nail, topcoated all the nails and added the star to that odd one.

52wpnmc-army-camo-dark-green-nail-art (2)

For a quick job I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I must admit that I do prefer the hand painted look for this kind of mani, but for camo in a hurry this is the one! With a bit more stamping practice this could no doubt look even better too...

Barry M: Olive, Watermelon, Mocha, Color Club: Topcoat, Cheeky Vibrant Plate CH1 and Nail Art Studs

Rebecca x

Day Two Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Sharp Tailoring

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Behind door two today was the most awesome polish for a grey-phile like me! Sharp Tailoring is a lovely light grey creme with a delicate gold shimmer and I just adore it!


Written inside today are instructions on how to share your Ciate advent adventure!


A very simple two coats of Sharp Tailoring followed by two coats of Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter to the tops on each nail.

ciate-sharp-tailoring-gold-glitter-gradient-nail-art (2)

I am one happy polish addict right now... looking forward to seeing what's behind the door tomorrow morning!

Rebecca x

Day One Ciate Mini Mani Manor: Headliner

Monday 1 December 2014

Evening peeps!
I was lucky enough to receive a Ciate Mani Mani Manor advent calendar from my mum recently and I'd been itching to get those doors opened! 


I ummed and arred about whether to do a mani a day with the goodies held inside here and after some encouragement from seeing @nailsbynemo doing so on Instagram #ciateadvent2014, I was in! Initially I was going to keep it to the social media, but I thought it'd be nice to share in a post here too after all...


Behind door one was the most stunning teal creme - 'headliner' and the quote "Happy girls are the prettiest", super cute!


Short and sweet: Two coats of Ciate Headliner with silver stamping using Moyou London Festive 03 and a coat of Barry M Diamond Glitter topcoat.

ciate-headliner-winter-snowflake-glitter-nail-art (2)

Luuuuurrrrrve this advent calendar, this polish and this mani! Happy 1st of December folks!

Christmas is coming....

Rebecca x

Myleene Klass Nail Stickers: Xmas Jumpers

Double dip today girls!
As it's 1st of December I'm feeling rather festive and I had prepped this mani to post on Wednesday last week to mark it being only four weeks until the big day hahaha, excited much! I picked these stickers up on a whim in Boots the other day, thinking they'd be ideal for a quick emergency mani this festive season :) Pretty pleased with them too!


I prepped the nails with a quick file to tidy the free edges and a buff to remove the ridges. Normally you would then pick the best sized stickers to suit your nails and simply stick on (cuticle end first), smooth down and file off the remaining sticker at the free edge... I decided that as there are 24 stickers, I would trim the ones I wouldn't go to straight away in order to get two wears out of the pack hahaha! No topcoat here.

myleen-klass-christmas-jumper-nail-art-stickers-manicure (2)

I'm glad I decided to maximise the use of these because I just adore this pattern and the colours, I am a grey-phile after all! Great quality, super easy application and removal, and not even a topcoat required. Bar a small crease in the thumb, I managed a pretty perfect application which is amazing considering the trimming etc that went on lol. Oooh, great little nail file included in the pack too!

Rebecca x

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