Fingerfood Theme Buffet: Something New

Monday 28 April 2014

Monday is almost over - Hooray!

This week's theme of something new couldn't have been timed better, I had a new indie polish arrive on Saturday that I was eager to try and combined it with a new (as in still unused) MoYou plate :) Harmony... The indie is from a favourite of brand of mine, KB Shimmer and is called Razzical, a stunning deep pink sparkly number!


Two coats of this lush little indie, followed by a simple comic strip-like boom motif stamped as an accent nail and finished off with topcoat. I contemplated other stamping but I just didn't want to cover up any other nails, this polish is just sooo pretty!


Well, that's a wrap, short and sweet for tonight as I have an airport run to do at 5am! ARGH!

KB Shimmer - It's Razzical, Barry M - Silver Foil, Color Club - Topcoat, MoYou Pro 16

Rebecca xxx

Moyra UK Nail Art

Sunday 27 April 2014

Hello folks!

After swatching the Moyra polishes I was sent to review last week, I knew two of them would go together perfectly in a dotticure... I was really impressed with these polishes and it's rare you get a glitter polish suitable for dotting, but as soon as I'd used this one, I knew it was up to the job. I was not diasappointed!


Simple as you like, starting with two coats of the gorgeous pastel green colour. Next I used my largest dotting tool, dipped in a generous blob of the polish and then just dotted repeatedly without replenishing the polish to create the different sized spots... That's it! Ordinarily I would have topcoated but these will be changed tomorrow :)


I really LOVE how this came together, I don't think I've ever done glittery spots before because as I mentioned, not many are up to it (clear bases/sparce glitter/chunks too big) and the sparkly magenta against the creme pastel shade is just scrummy lol!

Moyra - No. 90, No.100, Large Dotting Tool

You can check out Moyra polishes in the UK via their Facebook page HERE.

Rebecca xxx
*these products were sent to me for honest review*

GOT Polish Challenge: Tropical

Thursday 24 April 2014

Ok, someone give me a virtual slap please?!

For the 3rd week in a row, I have used un golden oldie polishes because somehow, when I think about what I want to do throughout the week, the golden oldie bit gets lost in translation somewhere?! Jeeeez! Next week, for sure, definitely will be right! Meanwhile, this weeks tropical theme used the new Polish For Tans Collection from Models Own...


I started with two coats of a white for the base and then simply stamped the floral pattern using each of the Polish For Tans colours, one on each nail. Finished up with a topcoat. Pretty impressed with how well the Models Own stamped actually! 


How summery is this?! Perfect mani for a cheery Friday tomorrow! LOVE Friday's! Hopefully the sun will come out for me too...


Apologies again for not using golden oldie polishes... I also forgot to picture the stamping plate... I done gone lost my mind! Hahaha.

Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener, Models Own - Shades, Sun Hat, Beach Bag, Flip Flop, Bikini, Color Club - Topcoat, MoYou Pro 10 (not pictured)

Rebecca xxx

FingerFood Theme Buffet - Gothic

Monday 21 April 2014

Evening beauts! Hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend...

Tonight I have this week's 'Gothic' theme manicure from Fingerfood's buffet; for me this presented two choices - Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. I'm a fan of Tim Burton movies and Animations, so these are two favourites of mine. As we're nowhere near Christmas, I plumped for the Corpse Bride! Loooong time since I attemped such ambitious nail art, so it could have been better, and could have been much worse lol!


I started of with one coat of a lilac for the base, followed by one coat of The Polish Bar - Cloudy Skies. Next I used a black polish to stamp the bats on all but the middle two fingers and then took out my acrylic paints to create Victor and his Corpse Bride; finished up with a topcoat.


I do so wish my nails were a little wider! The length is good, but a bit more width would make for a much better canvas! I really enjoyed getthing the acrylics out, preeeety sure you can tell it's been a while since I was so adventurous, but I'm not appalled at my attempt... May have to do this sort of thing more often!

Maybelline Colorshow - Iced Queen, Blackout, The Polish Bar - Cloudy Skies, Color Club - Topcoat, Acrylic Paints, MoYou - Suki 10

Rebecca xxx

Moyra UK: Swatches & Review

Sunday 20 April 2014

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today I have swatches of three Moyra nail polishes; Moyra has just launched in the UK and they have a truly vast collection of colours and finishes to offer! I'm really happy to have them here at last, I've seen some lovely nails from European bloggers using this brand. I received a selection of a pastel, glitter and glamour shade to share with you... Ideal summer colours!



 First up the pastel - No. 90 - a lovely creme polish in a yummy pistachio colour.


This is two coats but you could probably get away with one if you applied generously. LOVE the colour and it dried in 10 to 15 mins in my warm room.



Next, the glamour - No. 802 - a shimmery yellow polish catching flecks of blue/gold in the light.


This was three coats as I wanted to get it as opaque as possible. It would look really fab with a tan! Took a little longer to dry, probably 20 to 30 minutes.



Last up, the glitter - No. 100 - a deep pink jelly-ish polish packed with fuschia glitter.


This was three generous coats. It applied beautifully with it's jelly-ish base and gave a full on glitter finish. Dried really quickly for a glitter, around 15 minutes. 



In summary, I was pretty impressed with these polishes. The brushes were good, allowing for easy application and drying time was completely 'life-friendly'. I struggle to pick a favourite between the pastel and the glitter, both are very 'me'.

Currently these polishes are available via the Moyra UK Facebook Page HERE for a very reasonable £3.00 each.

See you tomorrow with the Fingerfood Buffet!

Rebecca xxx
 *these products were sent to me for honest review*

Born Pretty Store Review: Floral Nail Stickers

Friday 18 April 2014

At long last, I have the first of my three Born Pretty review posts. For this one I used the lovely blue floral nail stickers and coupled them with the most gorgeous blue Bourjois polish, one of a trio given to me by my bestie for my birthday a few weeks ago. Both items made me think of English Pottery so it seemed like a good pairing...


This was two coats of the blue, left to dry for a good hour. Then I gently peeled the stickers off (with some difficulty) and placed on the nail, pressing down firmly for a few seconds before topcoating to seal... Pretty and elegent manicure I think.


The stickers are so pretty and dainty! I made the mistake of leaving them on a windowsill for a couple of days before using them though and they had become brittle, so when I peeled them up they snapped into little pieces. Warmed the sheet up in my hands and managed to get six off to complete a mani thank goodness! They stuck super strong which was great as there was no curling once topcoat went on... I also have to mention that I LOVED the brush in these polishes - it's amazing!


You can find these lovely stickers HERE at the Born Pretty Store...

My readers can also use this code for a 10% discount at the checkout: R2X31

Rebecca xxx

*the featured item was sent to me for honest review*

GOT Polish Challenge: Hot Pink

Another late one (think I'm going through a night owl phase again) and another boo boo with the GO part of the challenge lol, they are not golden oldie because for the 2nd time in a row, I totally forgot the purpose behind my mani... Scatter brain! Next week I'll get it right I promise!! Anyhoo, tonight's mani is a lovely triple dose of hot pink in my favourite technique - The Splatter!


The base is two coats of the lovely white hypergel from Models Own. I then used my trusty pen barrell and three different hot pink China Glaze polishes for my splatter effect. I didn't topcoat because I liked the contrast between the high shine base and matte-ish splatters!


 LOVE how this turned out, the splatter reigns supreme lol! Fab summer look that you can be totally creative with!

Models Own - White Light, China Glaze - You Drive Me Coconuts, Heat Index, Peonies & Park Avenue

Rebecca xxx

TPC: Pink, Blue, Yellow

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Late one again tonight peeps!

I loved the Nails Inc colours I used first time around so much, I decided I'd use them all over again. This time I added a lovely pearlescent off-white to the mix :) I had no intention of it, but they look distinctly Easter-ish now I really look at them... not long now eh?! Sooo late this year!


So for this simple mani I started with two coats of the blue and pink, and three of the yellow. I then left them to dry for a good half an hour to fourty five minutes. I then placed on two zig-zag nail vinyls on each nail and added two coats of the white and removed the strips before it had completely dried and topcoated... Now I'm in the mood for an egg!


So in love with these Nails Inc Pastels I must say, I think that yellow definitely is my 'one', been searching for the 'my' right shade of this difficult colour for I don't know how long?!... And people please tell me, what nail vinyls do you recommend? I just love these things :) takes me back to tape on canvas days!

Nails Inc - Royal Botanical Gardens, Notting Hill Carnival, Walton Place, Mayfair, Color Club - Topcoat, Nail Art Vinyls

Rebecca xxx

Fingerfood Theme Buffet: Fishtail

Monday 14 April 2014

Evening all!

I had a lovely day off work in the sunshine today, but that meant I was out frolicking in those rays rather than painting my nails lol! So, I only had time to do an accent nail which is a shame because I love this look and once you get your head around it, it can look amazing! Super duper happy to be back in the Theme Buffet swing and have them scheduled in for every Monday from now on :)


To begin with I put down two coats of the pale blue and left to dry. Next I took a teal and silver to paint one over the other in a cross fashion to build up the braid. It would take an awful lot of explaining which would make it seem more complex than it is so just check out THIS brilliant guide from Lucy's Stash!


Love this colour combo and was impressed with the coverage of light over dark, though these polishes never fail me, whatever I'm using them for!

 Maybelline Colorshow - Cool Blue, Superpower Blue, Watery Waste
Rebecca xxx

*NEW* Models Own Summer Hypergels!

Sunday 13 April 2014

Hi loves...

... Apologies for my erratic posting of late, this week has been mad again; I prepared for a rigorous interview and landed the job, got myself a new lil fur baby - a Syrian hamster I've named Humbug and am now preparing to say goodbye to my boy whilst he heads off to work in China for two weeks!... But, regular posting now resumes, life is good... and so are these new Hypergels!


I picked these up at the Bottleshop in Westfield last weekend when I went in for the Polish for Tans Collection (which you can see HERE), I didn't even know they were releasing them, I saw another bright red and an orange I think but took these three. A hot light pink, bright purple and a red.



This is Searing Pink, a lovely coral pink which is flamingo to me :) two coats.




Next is Purple Glare, a bright mauve which I am loving! Two coats.




Last up tonight is Sundress, a pinky/red I wanna call pomegranate lol. One coat.



Hope you like the swatches; they all applied really well, perhaps better than the last lot, they seemed a little more fluid. Drying time was short and the shine is plain to see. Really loving these colours, especially the pink and purple... I look forward to seeing a little more about them, all been very quiet compared to the launch of the first set of Hypergels!

Rebecca xxx

*NEW* Models Own: Polish For Tans Collection!

Sunday 6 April 2014

Here's a little something to brighten up your evening!


Popped to Westfield yesterday and picked up this new collection from the bottleshop... I also grabbed some speckled eggs and three of the new summer hypergels (swatches soon). I was a little dubious about these at first; thought they were like the Ice Neons, but I was soooo wrong. These pastel neons are LUSH! Not only would they look great with a tan, when you don't have a tan (like me) they actually seem to make you look bronzer than you are... weird?!



This is the yellow - Bikini - Two coats over a one coat white base.




POW! This is the green - Flip Flop - Two coats over a one coat white base.




This is the peachy shade - Beach Bag - Two coats over a one coat white base.




This is the prettiest pink - Sun Hat - Two coats over a one coat white base.




This is the coral - Shades - Two coats over a one coat white base.



So that's it! I am loving this collection! I probably wouldn't wear the green and perhaps the yellow but will defo be using them for nail art purposes. The Peach, Pink and Coral are just lush and I would wear them ALL summer. They are even more neon than the camera gives them credit for, especially when the evening is upon us... Can't wait to get these on my toes in Spain this year! All applied well and dried in good time, no issues with these at all really.

Models Own - Bikini, Flip Flop, Beach Bag, Sun Hat, Shades

Rebecca xxx

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