*NEW* Barry M Aquarium Collection!

Friday 14 March 2014

Evening beauts!

I'm bringing this to you later than planned because Blogger had a mare!!! I wrote out this whole long post and saved, then went away to check a few other things, came back to find it had saved only the first line!!! OMG! #FirstWorldProblems


But nevertheless, here we go again. This new collection is inspired by the sea, they all reflect that well and I just adore the golden scales pattern lids! There are four shimmery, two-tones, a gold, pink, blue and green; and two chunky glitters one gold/pink and one green/blue. Complimenting each other perfectly. I picked these up in the 2 for £6 offer (on £3.99 Bazzas) in Superdrug. I had to have the lot because I actually don't have any two-tone/flip/duochrome polishes in my vast selection lol.



First up is Caspian or AQNP3, I'm calling it gold with a dusky pink flip. It looked a lot more pink in the press pictures... but it just isn't really. Three coats were needed to achieve an opaque finish over the tips.




Next is Mediterranean or AQNP4, this looked hot pink in the snaps Barry M first put out, but it's more of a rose pink with a deep pink flip. This again was three coats.




Over that pink I popped one coat of Treasure Chest or AQNP2, a clear base with gold & pink chunky glitter. It took a little work to get the placement right as the flakes of glitter tended to clump together a bit in this one.




Now for Pacific or AQNP6 which is blue with a teal flip to it. This was just as good as I thought it would be and took just two coats to become opaque.




Fifth up Arabian or AQNP5, a light and bright green with a darker green flip. This one again took just two coats and was actually better than I was expecting lol!




Over that green, I rounded off with Mermaid or AQNP1, the blue and green chunky glitter. Just one coat again but this one was a little easier to apply beacuse the flakes were a little smaller.



So, that's the lot! Despite the pinks not being quite what I expected, I liked them nonetheless and the blue and green are beauts! The green I actually really like and I'm defo not a greenphile by any stretch. The mirror finish they promise is plain to see and all apply pretty well; they also dry fast as usual for Bazza goodies. I would suggest fewer, neater strokes with the two-tones though, as they can show up in the finish.

Rebecca xxx


  1. The glitters are really nice. :)

    1. They are Alexa, especially the blue/green! :)

  2. omg first world problems right lol, they are gorgeous


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  5. The Barry M Aquarium collection looks great here and it's what I wanted to see! I want to see the addition of Bucephalandra plant to this collection. If this addition doesn't take place in the next few days, I'll be disappointed.


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