Pink Sapphires

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Needed a bit of sparkle today to celebrate my other half returning from China so thought I'd try out the Pink Sapphire Glitter I got from Barry M last week... Started with my basecoat and then one thick coat of the purple, followed by two coats of the glitter :) The glitter itself is really pretty but there's not quite enough of it unlike the Rose Quartz Glitter which was bursting with sparkles! Just like the Rose Quartz it was smooth enough to not need a clear topcoat... Anyhoooo I think it's pretties!!!

For this look I used:

  • Barry M - 3 in 1 Clear Hardener, Basecoat & Topcoat
  • Barry M - Bright Purple
  • Barry M - Pink Sapphire Glitter

MissLanage x

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