Holographic Hero

Friday 16 November 2012

Todays mani was inspired by me seeing a fellow blogger using a polish I had bought last weekend and been meaning to try! The GOSH Holographic Hero! Been dying to get my hands on a holo polish and this is the first I'd come across in stores.. I really like it but it's quite subtle in most lights; it did go on very smoothly and took just two coats to become opaque . I went for a squiggly design CH16 from my Vibrant Collection Cheeky Nail Art Plates because it just seemed too fit and chose my Barry M Black to stamp with. I am pleased with the result but am afraid to say this has not satisfied my need for holo - I must find a more illustrious one... The UK really needs to catch up with the US!!!

Have a new kind of layout for my post today - is this better?? I can't decide...

holographic nail polish

gosh holographic nail polish

cheeky nail art plates

MissLanage x


  1. So pretty I love holo's! Bring on the linears!

    Jazz x

  2. Holo polishes are so gorgeous! I rarely wear them just because I will sit there and stare at my nails all the time rather than paying attention in class, while driving, or whatever!

  3. Great comments, thanks ladies :)

  4. Love this mani and great stamping too !! I love holo's :)

    1. Thank you thank you :) Me too! I want moooooore hahaha ;)

  5. I really love holos! You're really good at stamping!

  6. This is so pretty! Great job!


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