China Glaze - Hologlams!

Thursday 7 March 2013

An interruption to the challenge post catching up -  To bring you China Glaze Hologlam swatches!
I was soo excited about these! I bought them from Nail Polish Direct at a very reasonable £8.56 and I paid £6 odd for signed for - next day delivery, although first class is available free in the UK. When they arrived, well packaged, they were all present and correct so was happy with that side of things... But the polish didn't excite me to look at in the bottle, they looked more shimmer/champagne than holo but... It was a dull day... I decided not to give up hope until I'd tried them and they were much more holo in the flesh, although still very subtle. I like them but I'm not sure they fulfilled my holo craving so I may have to source a couple of Colour Clubs to round off my collection! What a shame ;) lol These were my first China Glaze and I was impressed with the formula and they smell very fresh - not toxic lol - just one coat for the darker shade and two for the lighter.

When Stars Collide

Don't Be A Luna Tic

Astro Hot

MissLanage x


  1. They're pretty, but I wish they were more holo.

    1. They are and I wish they were too, I was disappointed :( I bought them as a treat but they turned out to be a bit of a let down!


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