Long Time No See!

Monday 1 April 2013

Hello lovelies! It's been so long! I've had a mad busy couple of weeks; starting the new job, getting my new little car, my birthday and then easter! I thought with the long weekend I'd feel rested and have got plenty of me time for my nails and other me time stuff... but no, I've been really busy and feel more exhausted than I did 4 days ago :( but I have had some good times :) I've returned to my blog to find 101 followers now with me! Thanks to each and every one of you it means a lot! I will be posting my March nail haul today and hope to get a nail post in ASAP too, the time off has given me time to accumilate a nice little collection of nail ideas on the to do list... I think the flip flop challenge has well and truly flopped lol! Hope you've all had a...


MissLanage x

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