Glitter And Studs Combo!

Tuesday 2 July 2013

I have been sooo mega busy at work, stressful! Made sure to post tonight in case I just don't get time tomorrow because I'm putting in some extra time... Was nice to zone out for an hour and play with my pretties lol! I had no idea what I fancied tonight, I just stared at my polish until something jumped out; my recent Nails Inc Lucky Dip polishes caught my beady eyes. I loved Sloane Gardens first time round so paired it this time with Maida Vale which I was yet to try but looked amazeballs! I wasn't disappointed when I painted it on my nails either :) I did three coats of each polish on alternating nails to get them fully opaque and then I felt it was screaming out for studs!! I added a clear coat over the deep blue glitter and then placed the studs into it whilst wet. LOVE! The Maida Vale is a beaut', I think I will have to do a stamped mani with it soon! Not bad for a random thrown together job even if I do say so myself lol...


 Nails Inc - Sloane Gardens, Maida Vale, Color Club - 3 in 1, Cheeky Nails Art Studs.

MissLanage x


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