Swatch & Review: Nelly Polish "Bodmin"

Sunday 25 August 2013

Morrrrrniiiiing! I'm getting the final bits of my packing done before flying out to Spain this afternoon, how hard is it to decide which polishes to take when you go away?!... I've changed my mind sooo many times and I definitly can't drag them all along! Agggh!

So, my going away mani is a simple yet gorgeous one using the stunning "Bodmin" from Nelly Polish; a deep blue gelly base with gold hexes and glitter pieces. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it and my other half says it's the nicest polish in my VAST collection. In my eyes it conjures up night skies and sparkling oceans :) Heavenly, and perfect for my travels! Make sure you check out the Etsy Store to feast your eyes on this and all the other beauties hiding there! And don't forget this is available in the bottle as you see here but also in the first ever dehydrated formula for any of you who are not in the UK, on a budget or like me, someone who loves a DIY job! Lol!


Gorgeous isn't it?! Just like the "Beeny", it has such depth and appears to be so many different shades in all different lights. No matter what light you're in though, the gold hexes and glitter really pop! This was a simple three coats of the Bodmin followed by a topcoat. Another wonderful thing with these polishes is just how fast they dry, I think I failed to mention that in the first review but it really is a quality to note with these!!


Nelly Polish - Bodmin, Color Club - Topcoat.

MissLanage x

*this product was sent to me for honest review*


  1. lovely nail color!!! :) i imagine i can just stare on this all day long if i had it on my nails :P

  2. Love this, the colour is simply fab. Happy Holidays!

  3. What a lovely polish for your send-off! Have fun!


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