Holiday Mani No.1: Avon Nail Tip Decals

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Hello to all from sunny Spain! Loving the sunshine, sea and sand here in Alicante! I've got pretty impressive white bits already LOL!!

So today's mani was just a quick and simple one. I started with a two coat white base before I even knew what it was I was going to do! I then looked through all the little bits I had brought with me and decided to try the Avon nail tip decals my mum sent me a little while ago... The decal itself is white, with pink and black leopard print. They were super easy to apply using tweezers and required no trimming... good things... but they were a little flimsy and so in turn tore easily... not ideal. Overall though, having previously had a nightmare with even getting these kind of decals to stick without a tacky topcoat, they performed ok and have stayed put. I did pop a topcoat over the top knowing that I would be in and out of the pool and there was no curling or movement of any sort :)


Models Own - Snow White, Avon - Nail Tip Decals, Color Club - Topcoat.

MissLanage x


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