BNB Colour Me Crazy: Black & White

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!
This week's British Nail Bloggers theme is Black & White and as usual of late, I knew exactly what I was going to do! A super easy mani with whole nail stickers that I've been meaning to use for aaages. These leopard print, fishnet sparklies were a pressie from my mum, she often sends me random nail mail from Avon and I'm not about to complain! I previously tried a pink diamante set of theirs HERE which I was impressed with, so here goes...


The stickers themselves were clear so I started by painting two coats of white polish for the base and left to completely dry. I then chose the most appropriate sized sticker for each nail, peeling up and placing on the nail using tweezers. I rubbed down firmly with a cotton nail wipe and then trimmed and filed the excess at the free edge (tip). Took just five minutes to turn a plain white mani into this!

black-and-white-avon-leopard-print-nail-stickers-with-sparkle (2)

I wouldn't necessarily have chosen this sticker pattern myself, but I actually really like them, thanks ma lol! As I remembered, the stickers are super strong and perfectly sized and shaped, for me anyway ;) I also like the super high shine they give you, like a gel manicure.

 Models Own: Snow White, Avon: Nail Art Stickers

I have a super 'not nail related' review to share with you tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled!

Rebecca x

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