Saturday Swatch: NEW Picture Polish

Saturday 30 August 2014

Ooooh, I was so excited to be able to order these new Picture Polish beauties from Rainbow Connection earlier this week and I have literally been watching the Hermes tracking website, refreshing it constantly, until they arrived today LOL... Addict much?!... I was not disappointed!


I chose Forget Me Not, Fool's Gold and Sizzle from the collaborations and Grace from the PP range. I may get Unicorn at some point as well, but these were definitely the must-haves for me.


First up is Grace - a muted pink base with a mix of delicate scatter holo particles and coloured flecks. Sooo pretty... it's just stunning!

new-picture-polish-grace-swatch-manicure (2)


Next is Fool's Gold - a teal jelly with scatter holo and gold glitter particles, it's got such sparkly depth to it, beauuuuutiful!

new-picture-polish-fools-gold-swatch-manicure (2)



Now for Sizzle - a super hot pink with subtle scatter holo, I wish I'd had this shade on holiday because it would look amazing with a tan!

new-picture-polish-sizzle-swatch-manicure (2)



Last but by no means least is Forget Me Not - a vibrant powder blue packed with scatter holo, it has a much brighter, almost purple tone to it compared to Freya's Cats.


new-picture-polish-swatches (2)

In summary, these are fantabulous! I used three thin coats with topcoat for each mani and the formulas were consistently good. They apply really smoothly and had a nice sheen to them which just came alive with topcoat. Drying time was good too :)

I can't pick a favourite between Grace and Fool's Gold, they are just too nice! What about you?

Rebecca x


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