Humpday Hare: Anemone Gardens

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Humpday loves and I've another Hare mani to help us get over it...
I can't say I've enjoyed all the spring rain we've had this week but my garden has, my flowers have sprung blooms up all over the show so I felt a floral manicure coming on! Anemone's are super pretty so this Hare Polish was the perfect choice! Anemone Gardens is a beautiful purple gelly with pink, purple and green glitter and hexes....


This is two coats of Anemone Gardens with topcoat. Followed up with stamping a single flower multiple times in white and dotting the centres with yellow. I finished with a final layer of topcoat.

hare-polish-anemone-gardens-flower-nail-art (2)

I don't know what's happened to this polish but it's gone very thick and gloopy, ideal for getting good coverage in two thin coats but did take a long thirty minutes to dry. A couple of the florals still smudged over the slightly squishy base lol! But I love it!!

Hare Polish: Anemone Gardens. Barry M: White, Yellow, 3in1. Cheeky Vibrant: CH7. Amazon: Dotting Tool.

I must confess to being tempted to pop a bit of *don't tell anyone* acetone into the polish to thin it out... DO NOT EVER do that lolol, it may work for one mani, then it will destroy your pretty and dissolve it's sparkles!!! Buy some proper thinner instead ;)

Rebecca x


  1. This is a lovely HDH mani!
    Some polish thinner should fix the formula right up ;-)

    1. Thanks so much Shelby!... Thinner is on the list!!!

  2. The purple polish is stunning and the flowers are really really cute!

    1. Thankies! I love hare polish, they're sooo beautiful!

  3. Aww yeah, that's what I want from a jelly glitter, loads of depth and rich colour. I love the combo of pink and yellow and white, so fresh and uplifting! I've admired a lot of hare polishes but never bought one yet. You've convinced me it's a brand I do need to try. ^u^
    Good tip about not thinning polish with acetone, too - it is tempting when I don't have anything else to hand!

    1. I'm with you there nijikon and hare polish ALWAYS deliver! They are without doubt my most favourite indie brand and I'm sure you'll fall in love after the first one hehe :)
      Thanks, it is soooo tempting when desperate but will only leave us heartbroken ;) x

  4. Such a cute and pretty design! I love the glitter polish too!
    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc


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