Pick 'N' Mix Challenge: Roses & Pink/Lilac

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Good afternoon lovelies, I'm still here!
I was busy with some heart murmur investigations last week and have spent the last few days in my sick bed with a migraine but I'm still here, still working and I have painted my nails at last! What a nice prompt to be coming back with too, perfect for this summery weather of late... I plumped for a lilac base with white spots and as I'm not feeling my best, decided to use Born Pretty Store water transfers for the roses. If you're thinking of placing a BPS order you can use my 10% discount code: R2X31 at the checkout :)


Do excuse the dry cuticles on my thumb and forefinger, they've been busy unpacking stationary orders lol!... I used two coats of the lilac for the base and topped it off with a simple white dotticure. While that was drying I trimmed up my transfers and popped into the water for two or three minutes. I slipped the transfers off of the paper and placed on the nails using a pair of tweezers, patting down and drying with a clean cotton pad before finishing with a topcoat.


Pretties! You just can't beat decent water transfers for pretty detail in a hurry. You'll be ok with the quality of almost all of the ones from BPS (I have had the odd dodgy batch but they are always happy to replace) and I can highly recommend those from She Sells Sea Shells in the UK.

Barry M: Fondant, White, 3in1. BPS: Water Transfers. Amazon: Small Dotting Tool.

This mani is very 'English Garden' and I love it and talking of gardens, I am lucky enough to have a mummy fox using my patch of wilderness as a nursery for her two cubs at the moment :) I'll be sharing some snaps of them and some foxy nail art to go with come the end of the week!

Rebecca x 


  1. Hehe I was looking at these and I was like those Roses look very familiar. I'm also wearing them :)

  2. I had to look twice to realise they weren't painted, they look so good on your nails :)

    1. Ahhh thanks very much Rhiannon, they're a great design! :)


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