Sunday Swatch: Hare Polish The Wanderer

Sunday 23 August 2015

Hello there beauties!
My Saturday swatched turned into a Sunday one thanks to that surprising little 24 hours of summer we enjoyed here in London yesterday! It was far too nice to spend sitting in my nail room so here we are today - now it's raining again lol. The Wanderer is another polish from the Hare Polish Stir Crazy collection and like 'Desperately Seeking Blue Skies' which you can see HERE, it's sentiment as well as prettiness sings to me! It's a gorgeous deep purple jelly bursting with ultra chrome flakies that shimmer with gold, bronze, purple, pink, blue & teal. To top it off there are gold flakies, iridescent gold glitters and a delicate gold shimmer!


I used three thin coats of the Hare and if I'd been bothered to eliminate the white free edge completely then I would have added an extra one. The gold accent nail is two coats of Maybelline Colorshow 'Knitted Gold' and is a gold and rose gold glitter-bomb which complimented the tones in the purple perfectly. Finished with topcoat.


I'm so in love with this polish and I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't quite seem to pick up just how glorious all the colours are through the lens, it's like looking at one of those in depth images of the universe. No matter what light or settings I used, the sparkliness was just too much for my poor Samsung Galaxy S5 to pick up... I think it's time to really consider a proper camera at last! 


I think the best look I managed to get of this Hare goodness through the lens is in this bottle shot above, so I'll just leave you here to ogle that hehe...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Rebecca x

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