Saturday Swatch: WAH London 'Immerge'

Saturday 8 August 2015

Hello lovelies, I hope you've had a good start to your weekend!
Today I've got something new to show you from WAH London and available exclusively in Boots... The 'Immerge' trio sets come in two varieties - The Lava Set (white base, pink & yellow colours) which I'm sharing with you in this post, or The Flame Set (silver base, red & orange colours). There's nothing special about the base colours here, but the top colours contain something called 'ombre transformation technology' which means they merge and blend together to create funky ombres or marbles with 'just a swish of the brush'...


The white base is just an ordinary creme, as I say nothing special; the top colours on the other hand are very special. They have a glossy, thick jelly formula a bit like the OPI Sheer Tints but less tacky and much brighter, more opaque. When two blobs meet they bleed into each other in pretty little swirls all by themselves and when given that 'swish of the brush' they go wild - mixing, blending and bleeding all in one go! They remain tacky for quite a while but once dry they look as shiny and feel as hard as glass.

wah-london-nails-immerge-lava-set-nail-art (2)

I started with two coats of white all over. On all but the ring finger I dotted big blobs of yellow and filled in with little blobs of the pink, I then used a small nail art brush to bring the two together with gentle spiral stokes to create a marble. The polish did most of the work for me and  they were very forgiving in that if I had too much of one colour, (while tacky) I could do a stroke of white with another blob of colour and all was forgotten! Pretty pleased with the result for a first go... I used a black nail art pen to add the WAH name to the accent nail and no was topcoat needed!


As mentioned in the intro these kits are available exclusively at Boots, online and in-store. They're priced at £18 which isn't too bad considering they are usually £9 per polish. There are also how-to's available to view on the WAH website if you want a little more inspiration or guidance but they are super easy to use!

Rebecca x

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