*NEW* Barry M: Sunset Daylight Curing Swatches

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Hello there beauties!
I picked up some beauties of my own in Boots on my way home from work this afternoon - the new Barry M Sunset shades, and what elegant autumnal colours they are! I love these polishes because of the high shine and super-tough finish, put that together with these must-have seasonal tones and I was caught hook, line and sinker when I saw they were being released today.

Chic, chic, chic!....

new-barry-m-sunset-daylight-curing-do-you-pink-im-sexy-swatch-nails-manicure (2)

First up is Do You Pink I'm Sexy? It's a super soft, delicate shade of pink which is as you can imagine is quite sheer. I used three coats plus topcoat here and it left a hint of a brightened white free edge underneath which I really liked. It's like a french mani in one polish!

new-barry-m-sunset-daylight-curing-do-you-pink-im-sexy-swatch-nails-manicure (2)


new-barry-m-daylight-curing-dark-side-of-the-shroom-swatch-nails-manicure (1)

Next here is Other Side of the 'Shroom, a soft minky brown which is a favourite neutral of mine and I adore it's fun name. This is two coats plus topcoat.

new-barry-m-daylight-curing-dark-side-of-the-shroom-swatch-nails-manicure (2)


new-barry-m-sunset-daylight-curing-vengence-is-wine-swatch-nails-manicure (1)

Now for Vengence is Wine which is a rich ummm, wine red haha... I must confess I thought it was a funny brown colour in the shop and almost didn't buy it, until I saw wine in the name and then I thought "ah, gotta be done now whatever it looks like"... And thank heavens I did because it's lovely! Two coats plus topcoat again here.

new-barry-m-sunset-daylight-curing-vengence-is-wine-swatch-nails-manicure (2)


new-barry-m-sunset-daylight-curing-plum-on-baby-swatch-nails-manicure (1)

Last up tonight is the gorgeous Plum on Baby, the deepest of dark purples which is another favourite colour of mine, this time for my toes - can't beat dark pedi's and I think purple and blue are best. This again was two coats plus topcoat.

new-barry-m-sunset-daylight-curing-plum-on-baby-swatch-nails-manicure (2)


So that's a wrap folks! What delightful editions to my vast Bazza collection, formula was spot on and like the Speedy Quick Dry polishes, have the wide flat brushes which make application a dream. I'm just waiting to see if some new Gelly's are going to pop up in the next week or so now?! 

Rebecca x


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