40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Things That Fly

Saturday 16 January 2016

Hello, hello beauts!

I have been totally off the radar again I know, things have been pretty busy in the past week with an attempted return to work for the first time since my heart op in November... Let's just say it wasn't very successful and is a bit of a sore point lol! So one thing that is definitely flying at the moment is time, and I almost did something along those lines but when it came to it I needed something EASY. Inspired by the recent frosty mornings and the abundance of crows in my neck of the woods at the moment...

40-great-nail-art-ideas-things-that-fly-birds-crow-nail-art (1)

I started with an undercoat of Maybelline Colourshow Cool Touch before applying one thick coat of the Hare Polish Wrapped in Plastic. I then stamped using another colorshow polish called Blackout and MoYou London Gothic plates 04 & 07. Finished up with Barry M Plumpy Topcoat which has quickly become a favourite.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-things-that-fly-birds-crow-nail-art (2)

Being a grey-phile I do adore this particular Hare and the flip of warm and cool colours really captures the tone of the mornings at the moment.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-things-that-fly-birds-crow-nail-art (3)

I've nothing much else to say tonight my loves, it's been quite a draining few days and I've been busy with Lane's Loves too so for now it's time for a cup of tea, a big fat bar of chocolate and putting my feet up!

Have a lovely weekend all.

Rebecca x

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