Crumpet's 33 DC: Dots

Wednesday 25 September 2013

I'm taking part in The Crumpet's 33 Day Challenge, happening between now and early December we will be doing three posts a week :) Love these challenges and this is a little more life-friendly than the 31 Day Challenge of January which was a new challenge every day!

Here's what you can look forward to...


This should have been posted on Monday (apologies) but I was busy, busy with my nail course stuff on Monday and Tuesday... I will update you on that on Sunday... Sooo dots, I chose this lovely Avon polish after using it on my course, it's sat unused on my shelf for... 6 months?! Lol! Really liked it's vibrant colour and it went on so well so chose to use it again for this with a bit of stamping. Looking forward to trying the others from this collection that have also sat on the shelf! Did two coats of the purple, stamped with the gold and topcoated. Simples, I love stamping! Loved this mani too, even on my nubbys :)



Avon - Grape Goddess, Barry M - Gold Foil, The Edge - 5* Topcoat, Cheeky Plate 7 (Vibrant Collection).

MissLanage x


  1. Hi!
    Beautiful manicure and beautiful sample! <3

  2. Nice mani! This AVON polisz is beautiful! *.*


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