OPI Liquid Sands: Alcatraz...Rocks!

Friday 13 September 2013

Evening lovelies... I must confess, as much of a nail polish addict as I am, this is my first OPI polish! Can you believe that?! They've just never caught my eye enough to spend the money... This one was different, I spotted it across a crowded duty free shop at the airport hahaha! Love at first sight! It's a glorious inky blue, inky formula; with gold and purple glitter pieces which is just beautiful. In different lights it is different shades and it can sparkle in every colour of the rainbow. It looks gorgeous in textured finish as intended AND with a topcoat, which I did a day after enjoying the first look. I got heaps of compliments on it wherever I went!

Two coats in daylight, looks like denim! I loved it, in the light the gold and purple sparkle really lifted through the inky blue base. Please excuse the slight chip on my pinky, I had worn it at work all day.

Two coats in artificial light (evening), like indigo denim now :) Love this bottle shot.

This is the two coats topped off with two coats of topcoat (Color Club) in daylight; now the glitter really sparkles!

 This is the same two coats on two coats in artificial light (evening). Shimmery, sparkly goodness!! I had to take all the different pictures to do it justice.

 OPI Liquid Sands - Alcatraz...Rocks.

MissLanage x


  1. I love it! Its still not imported here in Bulgaria, but once it is ... I'm getting it! :)

    1. It's well worth keeping your eyes peeled for! :)


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