Crumpet's 33DC: Tape Manicure...(day late, oops!)

Saturday 28 September 2013

Hello, hello, thank god it's the weekend! Had a busy and stressful week preparing for my man going abroad and leaving my current job; starting a new one on Monday.... And been studying and organising case studies of course! Will update you on all that tomorrow... So I'm a day late in my challenge but it's all good, I'm really pleased with this one!


I started with a base of two coats of white. I then took a random striping tape and placed two pieces on each nail. I picked out two Barry M Gellys, a teal and the deep blue which is just a gorgeous combo. I used just one coat of each of those on each of the sections alternating two teal and two blue. I peeled off the strips while still on the wet side of tacky and that's that. I would normally topcoat but I'll be doing my nails again soon so there's no need ;)


Just love the combination of these colours, so calming... reminds me of Alicante :)

The Edge - Mont Blanc, Barry M - Guava, Blue Grape, Striping Tape.


The nails also beautifully match my watch, a purchase made at Heathrow on the way out to Spain ;)

Have some lovely, lovely polsihes to show you from the awesome Pocket Money Polishes to show you in the next few days... Keep your eyes peeled!

MissLanage x


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