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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Hello beauts!

Today I finally received my personalised blog planner from Personal Planner UK! I won a voucher for the planner from a fab giveaway over at Fingerfood Nails recently. I went to their website and used the simple planner design tools to put my very own planner together. I really enjoyed the process and spent a couple of hours playing with all the variations before settling on this...

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (1)

Simple, bright and does exactly what it says on the tin! Very happy with the quality of it and love the cute lil box it arrived in. Think the yellow cover goes well with the pink strap, these things can of course be totally changed up... This one runs from June this year to next but you can start one anytime!

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (2)

This is the first page in my planner - I chose my message to read this, god forbid I ever lose my blog bible, but you can choose to write anything you like should you want one!

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (5)

There a several options for the layout of the days of the week and I chose this narrow list typed deal - half lined, this works best for the sort of short notes and lists I need, also a layout you NEVER see in a standard diary! On top of that I added the lined section in the lower right box and a weekly to do list on the other side, this is for my VTCT study schedule! Perfect! The space next to this I left blank for other notes... The colour scheme etc is all customisable and there are plenty of other box options to place in the lower sections.

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (3)

In the next section I chose to have overview pages, ideal for organising my post schedule each day, leaving the diary section for posts I need to work on and mani's to do each day etc. I popped my rule in here for easy reach, I chose blue, but again you can choose other colours :)

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (4)

In the fourth section, being the big kid I am, I picked the colouring book option! I was so happy to see it was even an option I just HAD to pick it to see what you got - ten cute, fun pages is the answer lol...

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (6)

In the last section I went for squared and lined paper. Perfect for drawing up designs and keeping note of email addresses, telephone numbers etc. I also placed the plastic wallet in this last section in which I shall keep my nail design templates and various business cards.

personal-planner-uk-personalised-blog-planner (7)

I am so absolutely chuffed with this planner! Thanks so much Samantha, I think it must be the best prize I have ever won because I need one so badly hahaha! I've been floundering with notebooks and diaries and outlook calendars and phone notes... I needed just one place for it all!

Here's to more organised blogging from June!

Rebecca xxx

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