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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Evening folks...
When I saw this prompt I knew the exact dress I was going to use as inspiration and I had just had my MoYou lace pattern plate arrive, which was going to make the whole thing a breeze!


For this easy peasy mani I first did two coats of white, then I simply stamped in black using the Moyou London Bridal 07 plate. I was going to topcoat, but I really liked the satin sheen it seemed to have... very fabric!


Pretty pleased with how they turned out. They got lots of compliments from colleagues, friends and sales assistants in shops lol! I got asked by one friend if they were nail stickers, I'll take that as another big compliment haha...


Here is the dress in question, my favourite, favourite long, floaty dress! My nails are almost camouflaged!

Models Own - Snow White, Avon - Licorice, MoYou London Bridal 07

Rebecca x

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