Polish For Tans Holiday Mani/Pedi

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Bar the few days beginning and end of my holiday, where I had naked nails, the manicure I sported for pretty much the entire holiday was this Polish for Tans beauty from Models Own. It is true what they say, this polish IS made for tans! Lub, lub, lub!


This is two coats of Models Own Sun Hat, no undies. The bit of sparkle on the ring finger was added with two coats of a Nabi Glitter Topper polish. I topcoated with my Color Club go-to. That's it!


I just love the way it popped!... And it lasted well over a week with just the odd scuff or chip; despite the fact I was swimming in the pool and the sea and jumping on lilos and trekking up mountains and walking around castles lol! I even had the same on my toes!


Rebecca xxx


  1. So perfect for holidays, I looooove this pink! Hope your holiday was brilliant!
    I'm torn between doing my own toes in one of the Polish For Tans shades, or going to get them painted at a salon....

    1. They are all soooo good in the sunshine! :) Thank you, it was amazeballs!!
      I can't bare other people touching my feet, they are so tickly, I end up kicking the poor ladies in the face haha!....


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