Fingerfood Theme Buffet: Negative Space

Monday 1 September 2014

I can definitely feel my nail mojo coming back! When I saw this prompt in the Fingerfood's theme buffet, I instantly knew exactly what I wanted to do and it included using some recent nail mail from the very lovely Nail Doodles! I do so love a negative space manicure!

negative-space-cute-sweet-things-glitter-manicure (2)

I started by using some curved nail vinyls to mark off the top section of the nails. Then I painted two coats of white and while it was still tacky, I removed the vinyls. Next was the transfers; I cut out the desired design, removed the protective film and placed face down on the nail firmly. I then popped my finger into water for 10 seconds and slipped off the remaining paper layer from the surface and repeated. After all the designs were in place I topcoated and finally added the silver glitter stripe.


These designs are super cute, I love them! This method of transfer was new to me in the nail world though; normally you would soak, remove the paper layer and then place that side down on the nail. This method was a little more difficult because in placing the designs face down, it's difficult to see exactly what you're doing and I did find some water got under the design affecting parts of the sticky; I think next time rather than dipping my finger in the water, I would soak the backing with a wet cotton ball. Luckily any issues were rectified under the topcoat.

Models Own Hypergel: White Light, LA Colors: Silver Glitter Striper, Color Club: Topcoat, She Sells Sea Shells Vinys, Nail Doodles Transfers

Check out the Nail Doodles Etsy store sale HERE.

Rebecca x


  1. This mani looks so yummy <3 love it.

  2. Super cute! And I never heard about this method before! My problem is with water decals that I can't get them to stick to the nails :( It would work on a couple, and then, all the sudden, boom! No go!! Do you think it has to do with the decal, the method (soaking the image in water, remove from backing, apply to nail), or user error???

    1. Thanks Victoria! No me neither! Some transfers can be hit and miss (I have had some that just don't stick and they end up in the bin) but if some in the same set are working then perhaps it's the application?! Be sure not to get any water underneath the transfer and I take it you have a coat of polish underneath?! :)

    2. Next time I try, I will make sure that there is no water underneath the decal. That might be the culprit!
      Thank you

  3. cute cute cute! definitely going to check out Nail Doodles :) !


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