Saturday Swatch One: Maybelline Colorshow BE Brilliant Collection

Saturday 8 November 2014

Hi loves!
I'm still pretty poorly, awaiting outpatient appointments to receive my results and a treatment plan etc... It's now also been discovered that I have a heart murmur needing investigation and the thombosis-ed cannula site in my hand/wrist is still so painful! I'm falling to bits lol! 
So, I'll be taking it a little easy on the blog front for the next few weeks whilst getting geared up for all the exciting stuff coming in the new year; I will be doing random posts here and there to keep us all going though hahaha!!!... Anyhow, whilst I was waiting in line in Boots pharmacy for the 100th time in a week, I spotted these new sparkly arrivals on the Colorshow stand :)




First is Purple Dazzle, a blurple jelly base with a mix of purple and navy hexes and pink, magenta and blue glitter. Two coats with no undies and topcoat.

maybelline-colorshow-be-brilliant-purple-dazzle-swatch-nails (2)



This is Skyline Blue, a blue jelly base filled with blue and silve hexes and magenta, blue and silver glitter. Again, two coats with no undies and topcoat.

maybelline-colorshow-be-brilliant-skyline-blue-swatch-nails (2)



Third up today is Spark The Night, a smokey grey jelly base with lilac and magenta hexes and lilace, blue and gold glitter. Two coats, no undies and topcoat.

maybelline-colorshow-be-brilliant-spark-the-night-swatch-nails (2)



Last in the collection is Light It Up, a glitter topper; clear base with silver, lilac and blue hexes and silver, magenta and blue glitter. I did a sort of gradient/full cover mix over two coats of a deep purple and finished with topcoat.

maybelline-colorshow-be-brilliant-light-it-up-swatch-nails (2)


I love this collection! Such unusual but pretty combinations, really suit my boho style. I also like that you can wear them sheer or as toppers, offers you lots of flexibility. They went on smoothly, dried super fast and held up to a battering doing the dishes, all whilst glittering beautifully... The pictures don't do them justice really!

I will share a post swatching the purple used above in a moment, it's one of the freebies from Glamour Magazine :)

Rebecca x

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