Saturday Swatch Two: Nails Inc/Glamour Magazine Polish

Saturday 8 November 2014

So, now for part two...
The stunning purple used under that last colorshow topper was one of the free shades available with the current Glamour Magazine in the UK, it's name is Wigmore Street. Total bargain considering the magazine is only £2, is a pretty good read AND a polish would normally be around £11! There are four shades available, I only wanted this and another (a wine colour) out of them but I'm still searching for that one lol!

nails-inc-glamour-magazine-wigmore-street-swatch-manicure (3)



This is two coats of the gorgeous deep purple creme finished with topcoat. That's it... and it's beautiful!

nails-inc-glamour-magazine-wigmore-street-swatch-manicure (2)

I can't get over how rich and lustrous this colour is! I love, love, love it! As usual with Nails Inc, the formula was so smooth and applied like a dream, also has a gorgeous shiny finish. Well worth £2.00, so keep your eyes peeled in the newsagents hahaha!

Rebecca x


  1. Ugh, it's perfect! If I had to choose only one polish to wear for all eternity, this [shade] would be it. :)
    And I'm so jealous, we don't get these awesome offers with mags (ok, sure, occasionally, but the polishes are usually nothing special - and hardly such a bargain!).

    1. Though my favourite colour is blue, I have to agree, if I had only one polish colour forever and ever, this would be it!! It's sooo sumptuous!!! :)


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