40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Halloween

Friday 30 October 2015


It's Halloween in just a few hours time and how awesome that it falls over the weekend :) I'll be getting my pumpkin carving on after this ready to (hopefully) share with you in a post for the festivities tomorrow! I had a few ideas in my mind for what I wanted to do for my spooky mani but the whole creepy house scene thing was something that had been on my list since my first year blogging and I decided that this was the year I was going to grow the kahonas to give it a bash. I'm so pleased I did!


To begin with I sponged an ombre using Barry M Hot Pink, Bright Purple & Indigo and added a little semicircle of Silver Foil for the moon. I then used a mix of MoYou London Festive 15 & Gothic 04 images to build up the black scene in Avon Licorice. Finally I used a small nail art brush and Models Own Flip Flop to add some neon green highlights in the windows and topcoated.

40-great-nail-art-ideas-halloween-spooky-scene-ombre-stamped-manicure (2)

I am so in love with this because I totally surprised myself when it turned out as good as my hopes were high! I easily put myself off things thinking "I can't do that" but I really must push myself more often because I can and I'm just being a woose lol. The detail of the images on these stamping plates is just awesome, look at the lil pumpkin outside the door on the index finger - LOVE!

40-great-nail-art-ideas-halloween-spooky-scene-ombre-stamped-manicure (3)

A little nail art sponge recommendation for you ladies, get yourself a nice new washing up pad (not the scourer bit obviously) and cut it up. The sponge is really close knit so doesn't create bubbles and it doesn't stick to your polish in teeny tiny, annoying little bits like makeup sponges tend to either. You also get an awful lot of sponge to play with for next to no money!

See what else is spooky with the tarts via the links below...

Rebecca x


  1. Great nails - the sky is an amazing background for the spooky bits. I'll definetely trt cutting up my kitchen sponge as I hate the make up sponges falling apart.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear I could help on the sponge front, those awful makeup sponges have ruined so many of my manis!!

  2. Beautiful gradient and lovely stamping :)


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