Throwback Thursday: Kawaii Bunnies

Thursday 8 October 2015

Hi loves!

You may or may not know that I am a huge nature lover and this week as the mornings get a little colder and the nights get a little longer I've been mindful of all the little wild animals out there surviving it all - The foxes that frequent my garden and the birds that live there for example. So I've chosen to throw back to a mani featuring the cutest little wabbits as an excuse to give everyone a gentle reminder to look after nature in the hard months ahead! You can check out the advice on 'Giving Nature a Home' on the RSPB website HERE.


Now lets get back to the nails because I just love this mani! I'm a big fan of all things kawaii and Japanese/Korean/Singaporean/Malaysian generally. I spend ours looking at their crazy fashion, buying cute stationary and ogling their stunning nail art! It's a style I would love to adopt and master. These nails were inspired by the fabulous @nail28tsenwi who I've followed for a long while on Instagram.


You can see more details in the original post which was done for a friend's daughters birthday back in May 2014 HERE. Looking at this has got me thinking about all the 'kawaii' styles I want to share with you guys and I've got lots of ideas for future posts flowing. That's why I love #tbt.

Don't forget to look after those cute little creatures where you can this season!

Rebecca x

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