Saturday Swatch: Picture Polish Pandora

Saturday 24 October 2015

Ahoy my lil beauts!

I'm busy with some daddy-daughter time this weekend so here's a quick swatch of a Picture Polish which has been left untouched, not even unwrapped on my shelf for the best part of a year!! I am such a polish hoarder but the first step to redemption is admitting it right?! LOL... Pandora is a stunning deep purple scatter holo which dazzled my wee phone camera, I must ask santa for a new digital!

This is two coats finished with topcoat and the formula applied so smoothly it was actually rewarding to see the holo sparkle emerge from each stroke hahaha (I got it bad I know). How can I have neglected such a pretty thing for so long?!

You can see swatches of the new PP's 'Arabian' and 'Cabaret' in last weeks Saturday Swatch and next week I'll be showing you Pandora's negelcted friend from the shelf - The very lovely Eyre.

Enjoy your weekend!

Rebecca x


  1. OMG! This little beauty nearly got used last week for the first time but then went back into my Helmer in favour of Barry M's gorgeous Black Currant. That's it - it's going on my nails next because it is fab!

    1. Hahaha! Great minds think alike! I love the Bazza blackcurrant too it's my favourite of the midnight shades :)

  2. Shame on you, lol, for neglecting this beauty for so long. :)


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