31 Day Challenge: Inspired By A Game

Saturday 26 January 2013

I had been so undecided on this one... Until I was sick in my bed and bored! Then came my mobile phone and Angry Birds among other things :) I remembered coming across this idea on Instagram over a year ago and managed to find the pic lurking on my laptop and recreate it! I love it! Was pleased with this after the disappointment of the Nature manicure... Simple too! Started with a clear basecoat; Tipped all but my middle finger in white and then added a red line with the striper brush. Next was the bird... Painted a red dome shape on the middle nail and then added a couple of lines on the top with a striper bush. Once that dried I painted on the white half moon of the tummy with the brush in the polish bottle. Next came the eyes! I started with my largest dotting tool in a black, then a slightly smaller size for the whites of the eyes. Finally a smaller one for the pupils. Finished off with the eyebrows and yellow beak using my striper brush. Aside from drying time it was quick!


For this look I used:
  • Barry M - 3 in 1 Clear Hardener, Basecoat & Topcoat
  • Barry M - Yellow
  • Boots Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener
  • Avon Nailwear Pro - Red Bombshell
  • Avon Nailwear Pro - Licorice
  • Large Dotting Tools and Striper Brush


MissLanage x


  1. Hehe this is so cute!! I played Angry Birds for a while !!

    1. Thanks Vicky :) I was chuffed with this one <3


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