31 Day Challenge: Inspired By Yourself

Wednesday 30 January 2013

This was a difficult one... I am so many things haha! But when I thought about what I am most?.... In Love was the answer :) The feeling I feel most of the time and my favourite feeling in the world is being in love and I am lucky enough to have found my soulmate and be very happy and loved up every day <3 I count my blessings <3 This mani was fairly simple again, just wish I was painting with my right hand because it would be so much neater! Nevermind though, this mani got the point across :) Painted all my nails white and once dry I used a models own nail art pen (but the brush part as the pen just spouts the stuff!) to paint on the heart outline. Next I used my two pinky shades - one creme and one champagne - to fill in the hearts. I tidyed up any stray black lines with the white after. Didn't topcoat as I was straight on to another mani - shame :( lol!


For this look I used:
  • Barry M - Strawberry Icecream
  • Models Own - Mystic Mauve
  • Models Own - Black Nail Art Pen
  • Boots Natural Collection - Nail Tip Whitener


MissLanage x


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