Flip Flop Challenge: Fish Tail Braid/Half Moons

Friday 15 February 2013

Right, so my plan is to be up to date by Sunday... I must be able to catch up now the weekend is here and it's a quiet one :) For this Day 10 theme I chose the fish tail braid design, it's one I hadn't tried and love the look of... I was sooo nervous about starting it in case I got it so wrong! And I did have to re-do my thumb nail, but in the end it turned out fairly good for a first attempt I think!? Check out this video turorial: How To Fish Tail Braid to see how you achieve the pattern. It's easier than it looks, the trick is getting the first couple of stripes the at the right angle and thickness; the rest follows!


For this look I used:
  • Barry M - Glod Foil Effect
  • Barry M - Bright Purple
  • Barry M - Strawberry Icecream

MissLanage x



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