Flip Flop Challenge: Stained Glass/Accent Nail

Saturday 2 February 2013

I chose to go for the stained glass option today as it's a new one on me, I've not really been to keen on the look so haven't ever had a go. But today is the day! I'm fairly pleased with them actually and they weren't as long winded as I expected them to be. I simply used a small striper brush and black nail polish to paint on the leaded outline... I did a sort of lampshade pattern in that the sections radiated out from half moons at the top; these remained unpainted. I then used the same brush to fill out the centre in three shades of pink and the sides in red. Once it had all dried I topcoated it. As I say, I'm fairly pleased with them, especially painting with my left hand!... But it's not a look I'll be in a hurry to do again lol :)


For this look I used:
  • Barry M - 3 in 1 Clear Hardener, Basecoat & Topcoat
  • Barry M - Black
  • Barry M - Strawberry Icecream
  • Barry M - Bright Pink
  • Barry M - Shocking Pink
  • Avon Nailwear Pro - Red Bombshell
  •  Small Striper Nail Art Brush


MissLanage x



  1. Oooh, really cool! I don't think I've ever seen stained glass type of mani-it looks really awesome!

  2. I really love your blog, so I´ve given you an award ^^ http://wownailart.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/premios-varios.html

    1. Many thanks Iris, much appreciated. I already did this award in November, please feel free to nominate someone else and spread the love <3


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