Flip Flop Challenge: Splatter/Cocktail Nails

Friday 15 February 2013

Well I've done two splatter designs recently in the 31 Day Challenge so thought I'd go for cocktail nails - basically something fancy on the three fingers you hold your cocktail with - or you can go wild with a literal take on it! I had recently purchased the three Rimmel Cocktail polishes found in Boots and had been dying to try them because they are so lush looking - the two came together :) Just a simple black on the pinky and ring fingers - to match my LBD - and then the three remaining nails in each of the three colours. Used two coats for the purple and three for the red and orange - they look good enough to drink! They have a lovely subtle sparkly, iridescent lustre to them... Anyone else have them?


For this look I used:
  • Barry M - Black (pinky & ring)
  • Rimmel - Baby Bellini (middle)
  • Rimmel - Hawaian Punch (index)
  • Rimmel - Shirly Temple (thumb)


MissLanage x


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