Ask A British Nail Blogger: The Oldest Polish In Your Collection

Monday 13 May 2013

I have only been a polish addict and gained a vast amount of pretties in the last year or so but the oldest polish I have in my collection is probably closer to five or more years old!!! I have long since used or thrown away any other polishes from that long ago but this one I have only used once and the formula remains true :) I didn't even buy this one, it was given to me by my mum after she received it as a freebie with some makeup!...

... So I present to you Dior Addict - Vernis 580 (Rose Mirage); 



It's a rose/brown creme polish with a super fine blue/purple shimmer. By superfine I mean almost invisable lol... I guess that's why I've had it so long and used it only once, and why it lives in the spares bag instead of on my lovely shelves!! It looks more obvious in the bottle but one the nail, not so much :( It required two coats to become completely opaque over the tip area. To me it's rather drab and yukky so to cheer it up I stamped some gold flowers (see below), better, but looking forward to taking it off lol! Brown is not my thang!!



Dior Addict - Rose Mirage, Barry M - 3 in 1, Barry M - Gold Foil, Cheeky Plate 16 (Vibrant)

So glad I'm finally on the ball and up to date enough to take part in the British Bloggers 'Ask a British Nail Blogger'. Really like being part of this group and it's about time I pulled my finger out!


MissLanage x


  1. Such a lovely colour! I am loving the stamping you did on top! x

    1. Thanks Nada :) I wasn't sure about this one at all lol x


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