NEW!!! Models Own Splash Collection!!!

Saturday 11 May 2013

Wahoooo! So pleased to get my mitts on these beauties :) well worth the trip to the Westfield Bottleshop, though for me it is only a 30 min drive (bonus!) so not too much of a trip... All five plus an extra one (I chose Mushroom) for £20. Works for me! Available in Boots and online next week...


Red Sea, Golden Shore, Pink Paradise, Aqua Splash, Mermaids Tears.

To start with I wanted to see (and show you guys) how sheer/opaque and how bright/pastel they would show up on their own... So I did a couple of coats of Snow White and then did two coats of each of the colours on each nail in the order they appear above... oh not quite hahaha, the blue and purple need switching! Darn it!... I wouldn't suggest this as a mani lol!


I liked the formula of these, they weren't too smelly, which Models Own have been known to be (especially glitters), they went on easily and like a lot of polishes now, have the more gel like consistency. The larger pieces of glitter can stand up off the nail as they curl a little when drying, but a topcoat evened this out. I especially like the Pink Paradise (middle finger) as it has lots of fine glitter in as well as the chunks... I wish the blue had this in too! As you can see the red is much more opaque and brighter than the others... Which takes me on to my next mani...



For this look I simply used two coats of the Red Sea followed by one of the Clear 3 in 1, it glistens orange, purple, pink and red... looks good enough to eat!



This mani was just one coat of my new Mushroom polish, then two of the Mermaids Tears and finally a coat of 3 in 1. it gave a lovely purple hue to the grey underneath and I love the blue/purple shimmer of the glitter chunks!



Final look tonight was this, a single coat of the Bubblegum, two of the Pink Paradise and again, finished with a coat of 3 in 1. I liked this mani the best, I only wish my nails were longer!!! I also like the Pink Paradise best of all because of that extra fine glitter; it sparkles pink, orange, purple and gold.

That's me done for tonight... all mani'd out... will use the Aqua Splash and Golden Shore tomorrow :)

Hope you like the swatches (not really my forte lol), look out for the collection in stores near you soon!!!

MissLanage x


  1. OMG !! I need the complete set in love with them. Thanks a lot for those swatches ;-)

    1. Thanks so much :) Glad someone found it helpful... Swatching is a new thing for me and wasn't sure I would do them justice!!

  2. Thanks for the swatches they all look gorgeous.

  3. Oooh thank you for the fab swatches huny! Been wanting to see how these would look! Red Sea is a definite must have for me! :D

    Aysh xox

  4. Loving the pink and blue ones, thanks for the swatches x

    1. Thanks, you're welcome :) those are my favourites too! x

  5. I guess it depends what you are looking for. I love your swatches but the flakies are just too chunky and far too sparse on application.

    Even though Nfu-Oh flakies are discontinued, I am glad I have my backups as they are my HG of the flakie world.

    Sorry Models Own but back to the drawing board for you, you get a GIGANTIC F from me for this collection.

    Models Own could even pick up tips on how to do flakies properly from Layla or Picture Polish.

    1. Thank you. I quite like the large flakies, though I would have preferred smaller as my nails are slender :( I already have smaller ones though so I was happy enough I guess lol and I love the colours!!! I agree the formula could haved been better but that's life!... LOVE Picture Polish :D


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