My New Nail Room!

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Da-da-da-daaaaa....! I bring to you.... My little haven! The spare room which already housed all my clothes and shoes, has now had the lovely sunny corner by the window turned into my nail space :) I have redecorated the entire room with the help of my mum when she visited (love her) and then over the last week have been buying all the things I need and adding them in. Mum gifted me the beautiful new gloss white desk (love her more lol), which I proudly built all by myself! She also helped me build the first nail polish rack and I have done everything else with my own fair hands :) So... some pictures!..


The letter on my door :) a little decopatch project I picked up in Hobbycraft and finally used!


My Nail Room :) Complete at last, with room for two!


DIY pretties rack (See here for how to video) used all the same materials as in the video but slightly different measurements according to the A1 size foam board I got in Hobbycraft (3 for £10) my second one has plenty of empty shelves to house new purchases :)


The floating shelves for other supplies on the wall opposite my desk, also with room to grow :)

So that's it! I'm so pleased with it and have really enjoyed getting into the project (despite it battering my nails), I feel blessed to have such a lovely place all of my own... Now it's time to enjoy it!

Tomorrow, swatches of yesterdays purchases and some other new polishes my mum brought down on her visit; all sparklies! May use a nail wheel for the first time as my nails are so poor but we'll see...

MissLanage x


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