Avon - Purple Hues

Sunday 27 October 2013

I really wanted to try out a few more of the Avon polishes my mum sent me so decided to combine two of them in this purple and mauve combo; one magnetic, one purple/gold glitterbomb. Love them on their own and together like this! If you have never tried Avon polish, I would definitlely recommend you try one; I've never been disappointed with one to be honest, the formulas are top notch and so are the range of colours and finishes. Oh and the price is great! I actually won an Avon beauty comp this week with my 3D challenge mani SEE HERE, and am looking forward to receiving a hamper of true colour cosmetics :)


I did two coats of the magnetic as I did with the silver I used the other day and found the result a bit vague. So I did a third coat and then the effect became more obvious but still more subtle than the other one; worked with the subtle colour though I thought. I held the magnet over for a good 10-20 seconds. I also used three with the sparkly number because I wanted a real deep colour. Topcoated and that's that!


Avon - Lavender Lure, Starry Night, Color Club - 3 in 1.

MissLanage x

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