Pocket Money Polishes: November Rain

Sunday 13 October 2013

Staying with the theme of Pocket Money Polishes, today I have a real beauty from the indie brand to show you... November Rain! This polish has a clear base with densely packed green, blue and copper hexes and a dusting of copper micro glitter. Just gorgeous! Perfect for the winter months here in the UK. I was lucky enough to receive my bottle as a prize for a PMP photo competition recently, you can get your hands on your very own from 1st November :)


 There were sooo many colours I could have paired this sparkly topper with but I went for white to keep with the wintery feel. I did two coats of the white for the base and then dabbed on two coats of the PMP in a gradient sort of fashion in a nudge towards rain falling. Finished it off with my favourite Color Club Topcoat, it's perfect for sealing in art or glitter and dries quickly with a lustrous shine!



Color Club - Topcoat, Nails Inc - Mayfair, PMP - November Rain.

In case you missed it yesterday, I have a UK giveaway running in which you could win two EXCLUSIVE Pocket Money Polishes which I commissioned for my Blogiversary!

MissLanage x


  1. This is just lovely, love that glitter!

    1. Isn't it?! Such a lovely colour combination that I would probably never put together myself! :)


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