Crumpets 33DC: Tribal!

Wednesday 2 October 2013

I know, I know, I'm late again... but Monday was my boyfriend's last night at home before heading to China so I spent quality time with him; then Tuesday, I only snatched a couple of hours with him after work before I had to take him to the airport :( sucky!

Been wanting to do some tribal nails for aaages now! Finally this challenge MADE me get my nail art pens out and have a go... for some reason I just never could start one! Glad I did though, pretty pleased with my efforts given the haste they were done in lol. Nothing too fancy for my first attempt hahaha... Started with a base of two coats of the yellow and three of the green (love this green but hate how sheer it is!) and then topcoated. I then drew on my pattern, vaguely inspired by my Barry M bottle lids, using the good ol' bazza nail art pen. I would have topcoated but no need on this occasion, sadly it was coming straight off again!



Barry M - Limited Edition Green & Yellow, 3 in 1, Black Nail Art Pen.

I will post my nail fail of a mexican mani tomorrow, I was going to do it tonight but I am so tired and need my bed!!!!!!


MissLanage x

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