Crumpet's 33DC: Abstract

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Abstract... that threw me 'cos for some reason I had animals in my head... that's Friday, doh! So I scrolled through my inspiration folder and found a random piece of South American art. Done. Bit of a sponging job which usually don't agree with me but it all went well. I smudged my middle nail right at the end, saved it but you can see it looks a lil squiffy heehee!I was fairly pleased with them until I realised they also look a lil tribal and I like each look to be different in a challenge... ah well, it's done now lol!


Started with just one coat of the white, didn't matter that it was a bit streaky. I then did a coat of the yellow. Next I sponged on the green and then pink randomly; I followed that up with sponging the yellow to brighten and tidy. Once that dried (which took a while), I drew on the black patterns, picking little parts out of the design for each nail. Finished up with topcoat.


Models Own - Snow White, Luis Lemon, Toxic Apple, Bubblegum, 3 in 1, Barry M - Black Nail Art Pen, Makeup Sponge.

And here is the piece of art, I have no idea who did it which is a shame...

MissLanage x

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