Born Pretty Nail Foil Review

Friday 6 June 2014

Apologies for not posting this week, I can confirm it was not my planner that let me down as I have actually done the nails lol, I just didn't post because work/training has been hectic this week!!!...
...On to the review of my Born Pretty foil! I must confess I was sent three items around six weeks ago now and misplaced them (after only using one) when re-jigging my nail room recently; luckily after a good hunt I found them again, lucky because I just love this product!

born-pretty-store-rainbow-nail-foil-nail-art-manicure (2)

I chose to use the foil to create a gradient across my nails and it was so simple. First I painted my nails grey for a base, then once dry painted over with the foil glue from my nail tech kit (it's basically PVA). It has a sort of translucent blue finish when wet and goes clear once dry; once it is completely clear/dry, carefully place the foil as you want it and rub over thouroughly with a soft cloth. If you miss any bits fear not, just paint on some more glue and repeat then topcoat and that is that! 

born-pretty-store-rainbow-nail-foil-nail-art-manicure (1)

How pretty is that?! I am so impressed! A beautiful rainbow gradient mani in minutes. I like this more than the sort of 'oil on water' one I have from the same kit as my glue. Under the topcoat they held up well to bumps and scrapes, and came off super easy with regular nail polish remover.

Barry M - Grey, Nail Foil Glue, Color Club - Topcoat, Born Pretty Store - Rainbow Nail Foil

You can get this beautiful bargain item HERE from the BPS website!

Rebecca xxx  

*the featured item was sent to me f.o.c for honest review*


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