Fingerfood Theme Buffet: Cocktail Nails

Sunday 8 June 2014

Hope you've had a good weekend all!

Cocktail nails... There are many interpretations of this design theme and generally I have stuck to the original idea of three accent nails, those being the ones you hold your cocktail with. This time I felt like breaking the rules, going with a more literal take on the idea and taking my inspiration from a picture I found via google when searching 'cocktail art'...



china-glaze-cocktail-inspired-saran-wrap-nail-art (2)

I kicked this off with two coats of a baby blue for the base. I then used a bit of bubble wrap dipped into the pink to splodge all over leaving a slight blue gap at the top. With more bubble wrap I splodged on the purple towards the tips. I then repeated with the pink wrap before taking a thin, pulled out piece of wrap to whip on a couple of extra blue splashes before topcoating. I did consider a black border and perhaps a dash of bright yellow on the ring finger but figured less would be more in this case!

china-glaze-cocktail-inspired-saran-wrap-nail-art (1)

I just loved that cocktail image I found and I'm really pleased with how these nails turned out. As well as reflecting my inspiration, they also reflect the rainy-sunny weather and my rainy-sunny mood this weekend, we're all mixed up together lol!

China Glaze, Too Yacht To Handle, You Drive Me Coconuts, Are You Jelly? Color Club - Topcoat, Bubble Wrap

Rebecca xxx


  1. I think it's a great take on the cocktail theme <3 I absolutely love the colors and I think you can definitely see where your inspiration came from

    1. Thanks Manda! I'm glad you can see the inspiration too :)


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